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The Secret

Words: Cheryl • May 12, 2019

The Secret
The Secret

Michael Bertoldini (The Secret)

SPB: The band didn’t see each other or communicate with each other for years prior to the new EP -- What brought you back together and how did you then move forward with creating new music?

Bertoldini: Our friends that run Venezia Hardcore Fest really pushed hard to have The Secret to reunite for one show at their festival and after 3 years we "gave up" and accepted to play. I think times were ripe enough to bury our grudges and play some music together again. Most of the music that is in "Lux Tenebris" was already composed before we decided to reunite, only the first track "Vertigo" has been written after deciding to play together again. Since we now live in different countries we couldn't practice before recording. We met each other for the first time after years in the studio, reworked the material I had and after a couple of sessions the EP was ready. This was a completely new way to work for us.

The Secret
The Secret

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