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One Question Interviews: Tim Buchanan

Tim Buchanan 

SPB: What do your parents think of your music?

Buchanan: My parents love what we do now. They’ve always been supportive, but I think the more abrasive music I helped make when I was younger was confusing to them, as it would’ve been for many I’m sure. Now that I make country music, or something like that, it’s something they’re more familiar with on a basic level so I think it feels just as good for them as it does for me. It feels more like we live in the same world now, which I cherish. 

Several years ago my band called Cherry Death did one of the first songs I wrote that had a touch of a gospel feel. It was called “I Get The Feeling,” on our record called Saccharine. It’s faint in the mix unfortunately, but my MawMaw (dad’s mom) played piano on that song. I grew up going to hear her and other family on both sides play and sing in church choirs here in Oklahoma, so inherently that music became very important to me and it was such a privilege to share that experience. Since then, my music has skewed further and further in that general direction. Having family further back reaching into Kentucky bluegrass groups and as pastors of small baptist churches makes doing what I do currently feel like coming home in a way. We all come to define home in our own ways, and I love the path I’m on. 


Words by Loren on Jan. 22, 2020, 10:03 p.m.

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Tim Buchanan

Posted by Loren on Jan. 22, 2020, 10:03 p.m.

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