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Words: Loren • October 17, 2017


Jonathan Smith (Vassals – drums)

SPB: What’s your preferred listening medium/in which order would you rank cd, vinyl, digital, cassette, (other?)?

Smith: Vinyl all the way! I’m really into ritual. I like the idea of looking through a library and choosing a record, having to physically drop the needle and be a part of the process. Not to mention the larger format makes for a nice canvas for the album art, credits, etc. Then you gotta flip the thing over. All of it sort-of keeps you involved at a higher level than just clicking on something in spotify or whatever and tuning out, so to speak. Also, I dig the warmth that is a result of the physical constraints from the medium.

Rated: #1 Vinyl, #2 digital and then throw out the rest. There’s no reason CDs should still be around. Same with tapes. Tapes are sorta cool if you don’t have the money to press records but want to be able to sell music at shows for cheap. But honestly, to me that’s just a gimmick -- no one is taking these things home and putting them in tape players (at least this kid isn’t).

Loren • October 17, 2017


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