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Win Us Over
Volcom (2008)

ASG stands for Amplification for Self Gratification. The name is rather fitting for this North Carolina rock group. On Win Us Over, their third full-length, the band delivers equal parts stoner metal dirge, guitar-rock speed, and punk attitude. As with most bands of this genre, it is the guitars that take center stage. Bands like ASG are about rocking out, … Read more

Broken Gold

Recovery Journal
Volcom (2011)

When a band names their record Recovery Journal it should come as no surprise that the dominant impression is one of earnestness. Broken Gold is the Riverboat Gamblers’ guitarist Ian MacDougall’s project, drawing from varied personal experiences with recurring themes of alienation, heartbreak, and addiction—some drawn from his experiences after his bicycle was hit by a car in October 2009, … Read more

The Riverboat Gamblers

The Wolf You Feed
Volcom (2012)

The Riverboat Gamblers are an established band. So much so that it surprised me to see that The Wolf You Feed is just their fifth full-length, following last year’s Smash/Grab EP. With that history, they’ve jumped styles and labels, going unfettered rock to slick anthems, and successfully straddling the lines between punk, hard rock, and garage. The Wolf You Feed … Read more


Volcom (2012)

Torche is back with their third official LP (Songs For Singles is officially an EP as far as the band is concerned) and Harmonicraft might be the most uplifting album to come from a metal background (at least I would consider a band with a pedigree featuring members of the almighty Floor, Cavity, etc. to be at least metal influenced) … Read more


Sexual Harassment
Volcom (2012)

Much could be said about Turbonegro from the Turbojugend (Their self appointed fan club), Their lyrics that tend to make not so vague references to partying fucking up and homosexuality, and their overall sleaziness. Well coming back from what had seemed like their final break up with their last vocalist Hank Von Helvete leaving to be in an industrial rock … Read more