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Solo Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)

Posted by Loren on April 24, 2021

Solo Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)
photo by Loren Green

Chris DeMakes, vocalist of Less Than Jake, has shared a new single and related 7" for the song "Never Surrender." Besides an exclusive 7", the song appears on DeMakes' new solo record that accompanies his book, Blast From The Past -- a photograph collection from his years of touring with the long-running ska-punk band from Gainesville, FL.

Pre-orders for "Never Surrender" are available now via Smartpunk Records and the song is streaming on digital platforms. A follow-up single and 7", "Father Time," is set to release on June 9.

“'Never Surrender' ties right back in with my book Blast From The Past, like the recent batch of solo songs I released. This one is about never giving up and never losing sight of the thing I always wanted the most, which is to play music for a living,” DeMakes says.


pictured: DeMakes live with Less Than Jake at The Fest 18.

Solo Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)
photo by Loren Green

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