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Another new Suicide Machines song

Posted by Loren on February 29, 2020

Another new Suicide Machines song
photo by Mark Marfa Capodanno

The Suicide Machines are back with a new record next month, Revolution Spring. Getting fans ready for the group's return, another new song debuted this week called "Anarchist Wedding."

As the group tells Inked Magazine, who are hosting the track (along with Spotify), the song is based on a recent wedding between two activist friends of the group:

It was a straight-up, really anarchist wedding. There was a maypole, and kids [the bride] teaches in the city playing violins, and home-brewed cider. It was everything you think it would be. And you think, okay, you know what, the world's not so bad right here in this moment.

Revolution Springs is available for preorder now from Fat Wreck Chords.

Another new Suicide Machines song
photo by Mark Marfa Capodanno

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