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SPB exclusive: DSGNS and Venomspitter split

Posted by Loren on March 1, 2016

SPB exclusive: DSGNS and Venomspitter split
DSGNS-Venomspitter split

In the featured monthly stream for March, Scene Point Blank is sharing a new split EP from Austin, TX’s DSGNS with coarse and brutal noisy hardcore. Fulfilling the split is Richmond, VA’s Venomspitter who pull a wide range of heavy influence from the worlds of grind, power violence, death metal, and sludge.

The record is out today, March 1, and can be picked up from CoinTossRecords.


Venomspitter (photo by Through It All Photography)



SPB exclusive: DSGNS and Venomspitter split
DSGNS-Venomspitter split

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