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30 years of Locust Abortion Technician

Posted by Loren on October 3, 2017

30 years of Locust Abortion Technician
photo by Loren Green

Butthole Surfers are celebrating a milestone, the 30th anniversary of their album Locust Abortion Technician. Originally released in 1987, the band will release a remastered 10" version of the album on Nov. 17 via Five Music/RED Music. It's the band's first new release since 2007's compilation Pioughd/Widowmaker.

The band has just one show scheduled for 2017, on October 29, in Los Angeles. The press release hints at new music to come in 2018, year #31 for the band.

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Pittsburg to Lebanon

30 years of Locust Abortion Technician
photo by Loren Green

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