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Spiral Stairs and Preston School of Industry 2018 reissues

Posted Feb. 3, 2018, 7:33 p.m. in Records by Loren

Spiral Stairs and Preston School of Industry will be reissuing records in 2018. Both bands feature Scott Kannberg (Pavement).

Throughout the year, Nine Mile Records will reussie Preston School of Industry's All This Sounds Gas (2001), Preston School Of Industy's Monsoon (2004), and Spiral Stairs' The Real Feel (2009). Each reissues also includes extra songs, b-sides and other previously unreleased material.

I love when bands have extra songs. B-sides is not really the correct term. Extra songs are just songs that didn’t really fit the concept of a 9-12 track album. Maybe because of theme or quality, but mostly because of time issues. So, what to do with the extras. They get sidelined to the b-side of singles, comps, or sometimes never released...For me, beside the extra songs that didn’t make the records, it was a chance to have fun with experiments in sound. I was doing or covering some of my favorite songs like The Clean’s “Anything Could Happen” or “10 Grains” by De Artsen. 

Spiral Stairs is booked for two upcoming shows in California later this month (details below, along with track listings). The band also just shared a new remix from 2017's Doris and the Daggers, remixed by Kelley Stoltz and Allyson Baker:

Track Lists:
Preston School of Industry - All This Sounds Gas

1. Whale Bones
2. Falling Away
3. Treasure
4. Encyclopedic Knowledge Of
5. History of the River
6. Doping for Gold
7. Solitaire
8. Blu Son
9.  Monkey Heart and the Horses Leg
10. The Idea of Fires
11. Take a Stand


12. To Squash it for Good (Whale Bones CD)
13. Imperial (Whale Bones CD)
14. Most Common Method (Whale Bones 7")
15. I've Done Nothing Wrong (Falling Away CD)
16. Toff (Falling Away CD)
17. Anything Can Happen (Falling Away CD/7")
18. Walls of Grain (Extra track on ATSG vinyl version/ The Idea of Fires CD)
19. Suddenly Stable (Extra track on ATSG vinyl version/ The Idea of Fires CD)
20. Save Our Happiness (The Idea of Fires CD)
21. Whale Bones  (BBC live track promo cd)
22. Falling Away (BBC live track promo cd)
23. Mussle Rock (BBC live track promo cd)
24. 10 Grains (BBC live track promo cd)
25. Take A Stand (BBC live track promo cd)

Preston School Of Industry - Monsoon

1. The Furnace Son
2. Walk of a Gurl
3. Caught in the Rain
4. Line It Up
5. So Many Ways
6. If the Straits of Magellan Should Ever Run Dry
7.  Her Estuary Twang
8.  Escalation Breeds Escalation
9.  Get Your Crayons Out
10 Tone It Down


11. Fresh Fudge (Caught in the Rain CD/ The Furnace Son CD)
12. At Kose  (Caught in the Rain CD/ The Furnace Son CD)
13. Mere Psued Mag Ed  (Caught in the Rain CD/ The Furnace Son CD)
14. Walk of a Gurl (demo)  (Caught in the Rain CD/ The Furnace Son CD)
15. Tone it Down (Pablo Wong Remix) (The Furnace Son CD)
16.  Caught in the Rain (Demo) Split 7 Inch with Gersey

Spiral Stairs - The Real Feel

1. True Love
2. Call the Ceasefire
3. Cold Change
4. Subiaco Shuffle
5. Wharf-Hand Blues
6. Maltese T
7.  A Mighty Mighty Fall
8. Stolen Pills
9. The Real Feel
10. Blood Money
11. Ladies and Gentlemen


12. Hey Folk Singa (7" included with vinyl version)
13. The Moodist (7" included with vinyl version)
14. Dreams they Guide Us (Split 7" Mt. Fuji Records)
15. Did Anyone Ever Tell You You Are A 10,000 Maniacs Song


02/19 Sonoma, CA - Gundlach Bundschu Winery *
02/22 San Francisco, CA - Noise Pop

* = w/ Parquet Courts

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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