News Records Free Gridfailure download at Bandcamp

Free Gridfailure download at Bandcamp

Posted Aug. 4, 2018, 10:31 a.m. in Records by Loren
Free Gridfailure download at Bandcamp

photo by Scott Wilkinson

New York noise group Gridfailure are giving away downloads of the new Powerdementia EP, a 10-track, 30-minute collection of noise, found sounds, and field recordings mixed with industrial tones and distortion.

The free EP serves as a prelude to Tasukete, a collaborative album with Megalophobe, which is soon to come.

Powerdementia Track Listing:

1. There Is A Hole And Somebody Went Out
2. Peeling
3. Crypt Tuning
4. Body Farmer's Almanac
5. The Two Minutes Hate Every Two Minutes
6. Powerdementia Intermezzo
7. Reclaimed Fate
8. Cliff Hurtin
9. And Eventually, Consumed
10. Blades For Guillotine Shear

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