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SPB premiere: "Isaiah" from Unknown River Driver split with Rations Noise

Posted by Loren on November 19, 2018

SPB premiere: "Isaiah" from Unknown River Driver split with Rations Noise
Rations Noise/Unknown River Driver - split LP

Rations Noise will release a new split 12” with Unknown River Driver in early 2019 titled Remains. The split officially releases on Jan. 11 in a joint effort between 86’d Records (US), Different Kitchen (UK), Ersatz Reality (DE), Farsot (SE), Rad Girlfriend (US), and Tor Johnson (US).

Since it’s a collaborative effort, Scene Point Blank caught up with both bands for some words about what’s like to work with the different labels involved. But instead of a stuffy quote about teamwork, instead we got each band to talk about favorite records that the different labels involved have released. Check out the details further down.

We’re also debuting a new song, “Isaiah,” from Unknown River Driver. It includes guest vocals from members of Iron Chic and Fellow Project.

Getting deeper, here are some favorite past records from the labels involved, as chosen by members of both Unknown River Driver and Rations Noise:

Brian, Unknown River Driver

Suck and Bloat by Pink Lincolns

Reissued by Rad Girlfriend Records, 2018

In 1994 or 1995, my friend Richie made me a mixtape that opened with Pink Lincolns’ “Lower Yourself.” I remember being so blown away by the song that I made it my mission to get my hands on a copy of the record. I found it, and still have it to this day, hand numbered 82/1000 on pink vinyl.

I’m listening to the record while writing this, and hearing “Lower Yourself” takes me back to a different place. I love the way the song goes from fast to slow, and I love the snare drum sound.

In an unrelated story, I went to see the Pink Lincolns open for the The Riverdales in Hoboken, NJ, probably in 1995. It was the same night Krupted Peasant Farmerz were playing New York City, so obviously that was a tough decision.


Wells, Rations Noise

Radiating by Data Control

Farsot, 2016 

I first heard this album while lurking around the Farsot Soundcloud page. This shit is so great. Reminds me of fellow Scandinavian punkers from a decade back called No Hope For The Kids.

I’ve listened to this album a few times this week knowing that I wanted to write a blurb about them. Listening back now, what I didn’t realize is that the tempo and strumming style on the first track may have wound up influencing a new Rations song I’ve recently been working out guitar parts to. Thanks Data Control!


Chris, Unknown River Driver

Untitled by Death to Tyrants

Tor Johnson Records, 2014

I was initially drawn to this album because of the cover photo. Brian and I are avid hikers and love to see the world from this perspective every chance we get. As soon as I hit play Polvo immediately came to mind. Polvo is a huge influence on me musically. Death to Tyrants definitely have that math rock vibe going on with those intricate and frenetic time signatures. I believe our song Pour starts off 7/8 and transitions to 4/4 which shows how bands like Polvo and Drive Like Jehu shaped my guitar playing. I highly recommend the Death to Tyrants 7”!


Beaker, Rations Noise

Split by Sister Kisser/Rumspringer

Different Kitchen, 2012

Super catchy, melodic, heartfelt Long Island-related stuff from 6 years ago. It has some nice noodly guitar leads here and there. Good song writing. What's not to like?


Tia, Unknown River Driver

Ordinary Lives by Ordinary Lives

Tor Johnson Records, 2016 

I love this band so much! Not just because Jeff is one of my oldest friends and I was in a band with him for years, but they truly know how to write a song that has everything. Amazing technical metal guitars, head banging beat, melodic vocals and a spot on and technical rhythm section. More please!


The new split will also be available on cassette, courtesy of No Time Records and Lost Cat Records.

SPB premiere: "Isaiah" from Unknown River Driver split with Rations Noise
Rations Noise/Unknown River Driver - split LP

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