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Integrity & Bleach Everything cover Septic Death and Rocket From the Crypt

Posted by Loren on September 29, 2019

Integrity & Bleach Everything cover Septic Death and Rocket From the Crypt
photo by Loren Green

On Halloween, Integirty and Bleach Everything will releases a split LP titled SDK x RFTCC (Septic Death Karaoke x Rocket From the Crypt Covers), which was inspired by/pays tribute to a limited split EP between the two covered bands, originally released in 1992.

On this tribute, Integrity covers five Septic Death songs, and Bleach Everything covers five songs by Rocket From the Crypt, with guest vocals from Riley Gale (Power Trip) and Mike Kennerty (The All-American Rejects) on "On A Rope."

The tribute releases on Oct. 31 on 12" vinyl (Dark Operative) and digital formats.

SDK x RFTCC Track Listing:

1. Integrity - Sweat of a Nightmare (featuring Darkest Prince)
2. Integrity - Change
3. Integrity - Dream Silent
4. Integrity - Poison Mask
5. Integrity - Thaw (Cold World)
6. Bleach Everything - Middle
7. Bleach Everything - On a Rope (featuring Riley Gale, Mike Kennerty)
8. Bleach Everything - Sturdy Wrists
9. Bleach Everything - Vital Signs
10. Bleach Everything - I'm Not Invisible (featuring Christopher Royal King)

Integrity & Bleach Everything cover Septic Death and Rocket From the Crypt
photo by Loren Green

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