News Records lié unveil a new single/video

lié unveil a new single/video

Posted Jan. 25, 2020, 10:52 a.m. in Records by Loren
lié unveil a new single/video

photo by Taylor Ramirez

lié, from Vancouver, have a new video and a new record on the way too. The new video is for a single titled "Drowning in Piss" and precludes the Feb. 28 album, which will be on Mint Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Ash Luk describes the track as "the embodiment of a bad trip. For me this album is more about lyrical collage in an effort to create scenes in the listener's mind than it is about conveying a literal message. There is reflection on ego, but isn’t there always? Drowning might just be a vacant stare into a dystopian dream. Part of the shift away from the direct lyrics of previous albums is also in part to encourage the listener to focus on the music as well, not just the lyrics. I feel that in the past we’ve been stuck in a bit of a cycle where we have received praise about our direct, confrontational lyrical content, but often I feel like the negative aspect of people focusing too much on the lyrics is that it overshadows the musicality which I think should speak for itself, especially on this album. That being said, this doesn’t mean any less care was taken in constructing the lyrics, quite the opposite actually, more that there has just been an effort to focus more on imagery and flow."

The video was created by director Justin Gradin, who has also directed videos for White Lung and Black Mountain. Watch it after the bump.

Track list:

1. Digging in the Desert
2. All Night Long
3. Bugs
4. Good Boy
5. You Got It
6. Drowning in Piss
7. Fantasy of Destructive Force
8. LSD

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