News Records SPB exclusive: Gaytheist/Intercourse split EP

SPB exclusive: Gaytheist/Intercourse split EP

Posted May 1, 2020, 8:54 a.m. in Records by Loren
SPB exclusive: Gaytheist/Intercourse split EP

Gaytheist/Intercourse - split EP

It’s a hell of a time right now, so our featured stream for the month of May presents two artists instead of the usual one. Later this month, Learning Curve Records will release a split EP between Portland, OR’s Gaytheist and Connecticut’s Intercourse.

If their names don’t already suggest it, both band’s deliver powerful, aggressive tunes that spite convention.

Listen to the songs below, followed by both band’s talking about what inspired this record in the first place.

(Hit the plus sign for the full track list.)


Intercourse/Gaytheist split EP officially releases on May 15 via Learning Curve.

Speaking of the split, Jason, of Gaytheist says:

"Cracks" is about trying to have a civil chat with someone who is a believe-any-conspiracy idiot as society crumbles around us. [I] wrote this last year, so I'd love to say we're futurist seers but societies fall apart all the time -- just our turn I guess.

"Summon Me" is about owing someone else everything and it turns out that person owed is kind of a dick devil. We're atheists but that doesn't mean we can't sing about fantasy shit.

We haven't met Intercourse in person yet, but someday, long after the World Wide COVID Wars of 2020-2021, we will hook up for a show to entertain the rebel troops and plan raids on Kushner and Kardashian string holds to distribute junk bonds and fake nails to the needy.

Tarek of Intercourse shares some details about their side as well.

“Last cigarette no end” is about existential dread and the futility of life. Basically, looking back and being like, “Damn have I done anything of value? I haven’t even really enjoyed this shit.”  Recorded in February of 2018, it seems to resonate further as I watch grey hairs sprout and lines form on my face.

These songs were originally for a split with Ether Coven. When they told us they were going to cover Bjork we decided we should do a cover as well. We didn’t know what to do and Pete (Kowalsky, Ether’s singer) suggested “My War” so we figured that would be easier than all 4 of us arguing over 4 different songs. Did the world need another “My War” cover? No. Did we do something new and unique to it? Also no, but here it is.

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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