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SPB premiere: Fight Death by The Path/Psychic Weight

Posted by Loren on July 14, 2020

SPB premiere: Fight Death by The Path/Psychic Weight
The Path/Psychic Weight - Fight Death

2020 has made collaboration between individuals harder, but not impossible. Today Scene Point Blank is sharing a full stream of a new split between The Path (VT) and Psychic Weight (MA). Fittingly titled Fight Death, the record showcases two heavy bands -- one of each side of the wax -- and releases on State of Mind Recordings on July 17.

Like any good split, both bands are distinct but with common overlapping traits. The Path leans on the circle pit side of things (including a Warzone cover), while Psychic Weight play with brutal, sledgehammer furiosity, offering 11 new songs in total on the record.

Check it out here:


Jon, vocalist of The Path, offers an origin story:

Around Halloween 2017, The Path was asked to play a show at a very strange bar in central VT. It was a tight space and was appropriately packed and everyone was ready to go bananas. This is when I first saw Psychic Weight. Mind blown. They were aggressive and heavy without falling into corny chugga chugga silliness. Their sound was new but familiar at the same time. They brought me back to bands like Deadguy and Kiss it Goodbye. I was fucking HOOKED! When booking our record release show for Chaotic Good we dragged them up to play behind a junk store in Burlington. Once again, world rocked. This is when I asked them to do a split with us. I knew that both sides would create an incredible record and I'm extremely proud of the final product.

This split also gave us an opportunity to collaborate with Ugly and Proud Records (eur) and Struggle Records (asia) who are both doing cassette runs for their area. Knowing that there are kids in Bulgaria and the Philippines moshing to Psychic Weight and The Path is the coolest thing to me. I love building relationships throughout the worldwide DIY community and I'm grateful for the connections and support we've received so far.

As a bonus, SPB has a stream of last year's Chaotic Good in our bountiful archives. Enjoy that and take note that The Path has plenty more in the works. Nothing is finalized at the moment, but the band says to "Keep an eye on State of Mind Recordings, Blind Rage Records and Ryvvolte Records to make sure you don't miss some sweet stuff!"

Psychic Weight will soon enter the studio as well, with additional new tunes to come.

SPB premiere: Fight Death by The Path/Psychic Weight
The Path/Psychic Weight - Fight Death

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