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50 Years of Sabbath tribute

Posted Sept. 6, 2020, 10:36 a.m. in Records by Loren
50 Years of Sabbath tribute

photo by Loren Green

Magnetic Eye Records has shared two new songs from the upcoming Vol. 4 [Redux], a 10-song Black Sabbath tribute album with covers by Thou, The Obsessed, and more. This week new takes by Spirit Adrift (watch and listen below). Caustic Casanova and Magnetic Eye also shared a song from Best Of Black Sabbath, a related 15-track covers album out soon.

2020 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the band.

Speaking of Spirit Adrift's choice to cover Supernaut, Nate Garrett says:

Black Sabbath is the reason that I am in a band...They are my favorite band, and I love every era. I saw the video for "Paranoid" when I was about 12 years old, and it was game over. Vol. 4 in particular contains quite a few of my favorite moments from the Sabbath catalogue. Many of my tried and true approaches to guitars were inspired by songs on Vol. 4. The music is classic, but still fresh and groundbreaking all these years later.

Vol. 4 [Redux] Track list:

1. THOU - Wheels of Confusion
2. THE OBSESSED - Tomorrow's Dream
3. HIGH REEPER - Changes
5. SPIRIT ADRIFT - Supernaut
6. GREEN LUNG - Snowblind
7. WHORES - Cornucopia
8. TONY REED - Laguna Sunrise
9. HAUNT - St. Vitus Dance
10. ZAKK SABBATH - Under the Sun

Best Of Black Sabbath Track list:

1. EARTHLESS - Never Say Die
2. CAUSTIC CASANOVA - Wicked World
3. SUMMONER - A National Acrobat
4. BLACK ELECTRIC - Sweet Leaf
5. RWAKE - The Rwrit
7. YEAR OF THE COBRA - Planet Caravan
8. HIPPIE DEATH CULT - Fairies Wear Boots
9. LEATHER LUNG - Hole In The Sky
10. MOONER - The Wizard
11. SOLACE - Electric Funeral
12. HOWLING GIANT - Lord of this World
13. ELEPHANT TREE - Paranoid
14. BRUME - Solitude
15. SAINT KARLOFF - Sleeping Village

KFAI - Undead
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KFAI - Root Of All Evil


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