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Baroness live (RSD release)

Posted by Loren on October 8, 2020

Baroness live (RSD release)
Baroness - Live at Maida Vale BBC Vol. II

Baroness will share a limited live record for Record Store Day (Black Friday) this year, coming Nov. 27. The record is called Live at Maida Vale BBC – Vol. II, which comes from the band's fall 2019 session at the London studio. It was recorded during the band's Gold & Grey tour and will feature black splatter vinyl with an etched b-side, and custom artwork by John Baizley.

It's a companion, of sorts, to Live at Maida Valle – BBC, which was released in 2013 after the band's Yellow & Green tour. Check the track listing after the bump.


Live at Maida Vale BBC – Vol. II track list:

Throw Me An Anchor
I’m Already Gone
Tourniquet/Can Oscura

Baroness live (RSD release)
Baroness - Live at Maida Vale BBC Vol. II

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