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Paul Leary's second solo

Posted by Loren on January 10, 2021

Paul Leary's second solo
Paul Leary - Born Stupid

Kicking off the news of a new record from Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) is the lead single and title track "Born Stupid" -- watch the video below. The new record of the same title will release on February 12 on Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise.

“'Born Stupid' is the title track for my new album. It was born from a revelation I had while riding my bicycle that I am not as smart as I wish I was. The video for this song is my first video ever attempted. And it is stupid." Leary summarizes. 

Born Stupid is Leary's first solo album in 30 years, following-up The History Of Dogs (1991).

According to his press release:

“I wasn’t planning on making another album, but over the years songs kept popping into my head. So I figured I might as well record them.” 

It’s also the first release of a reborn Shimmy Disc records, which was first founded in 1987.

Paul Leary's second solo
Paul Leary - Born Stupid

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