News Records 2021 presents: Satanic Planet

2021 presents: Satanic Planet

Posted March 26, 2021, 8:30 a.m. in Records by Loren
2021 presents: Satanic Planet

Three One G Records will soon release a new, self-titled album by a group calling itself Satanic Planet -- which is quite fitting given its roster. The band features none other than Lucien Greaves, co-founder/spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, joined by Luke Henshaw (Planet B), Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Dead Cross, more), and Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, more).

The new album releases on vinyl, CD, and digital formats on May 28, but pre-orders are open now with the release of lead single and video, “Baphomet,” which showcases the heavy, industrial-tinged, and generally sounds and goat-headed imagery one would expect from the players involved.

For those wondering what a Baphomet is, Greaves explains:

Goat headed, human bodied, and three-horned, the Baphomet is an icon symbolizing the reconciliation of opposites; dueling binaries combined and transcending into something greater than the sum of their parts. The track we have titled Baphomet blends the electronic with the medieval, the drone with the scream, the raucous with the orchestral. These conflicting elements, we hope, blend to create Easy Listening for the Apocalypse.

The trio of Greaves, Henshaw, and Pearson were working on the project a year ago when the pandemic paused production – but opened the door to add Lombardo, who was grounded from touring and open to new projects. The final record, coming in May, was produced by Henshaw and Lombardo and also features guest appearances from Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Nomi Abadi, Jung Sing (Silent), Shiva Honey, Eric Livingston (First Church of the Void), and Carrie Feller (Hexa).

Pre-orders are available now.

The video, above, was edited by Displaced/Replaced, directed by Luke Henshaw, and features cinematography by Beck DiGiglio.

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