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Lost in Society's Stay Jaded

Posted by Loren on May 14, 2021

Lost in Society's Stay Jaded
Lost in Society's Stay Jaded

Lost in Society, a punk band calling Asbury Park, NJ home, has shared the new single "Say Anything" off their upcoming new EP Stay Jaded. The new EP itself will release on June 18 on Wiretap Records.

“Recorded mid-quarantine, 'Say Anything' is the first song written and produced in our own studio space”. The song covers the anxiety of opening up and showing vulnerability in a relationship. I tend to have a habit of shutting down when faced with difficult conversations, so this song hits on those frustrating moments,” vocalist/guitarist Zach Moyle says of the new song. 

Check it out:

Lost in Society's Stay Jaded
Lost in Society's Stay Jaded

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