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More Fest 13 bands: 7 Seconds, RVIVR, Only Crime

Posted by Loren on July 3, 2014

More Fest 13 bands: 7 Seconds, RVIVR, Only Crime
More Fest 13 bands: 7 Seconds, RVIVR, Only Crime

Fest 13, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, has announced the addition of 7 Seconds, Only Crime, RVIVR, Shellshag, Pet Symmetry, and more to the stacked line-up that also includes Hot Water Music, Paint It Black, Iron Chic, Restorations, Masked Intruder, Coliseum, and more.

More Fest 13 bands: 7 Seconds, RVIVR, Only Crime
More Fest 13 bands: 7 Seconds, RVIVR, Only Crime

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