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Full lineup at Dark Mofo 2017

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Full lineup at Dark Mofo 2017

The official lineup for the annual festival hosted by Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has now officially been announced and taking their eclectic and innovative approach to curation to new heights, substantiates why Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival is one of the most talked about boutique festivals in the world:

This year’s festival sees exclusive performances from Scottish post-rock headliners Mogwai, German industrial pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten, and the already announced Ulver performing twice, including a performance of Messe IX-VI.X with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Other performances of note include experimental outfit Xiu Xiu performing Angelo Badalamenti’s score to the cult TV series Twin Peaks, A.B. Original supported by Thelma Plum, and Ancient Rain, a collaboration between Aussie music legend Paul Kelly, Irish singer Camille O’Sullivan, and pianist and composer Feargal Murray, performing songs inspired by 100 years of Irish letters.

Additionally, metal-lovers may also be thoroughly intrigued by the Hymns To The Dead performance, which sees a number of infamous groups including Taake, British grindcore and black metal group Anaal Nathrakh, Grave Miasma, Barshasketh, and Australian favourites Mournful Congregation, all performing as part of the same performance.

In addition to the eclectic experimentation of the aforementioned acts, art-lovers are also well catered for, with an immense lineup of performance art occurring throughout the event, including performances and works by Chris Levine, Hermann Nitsch, and Mike Parr. Likewise, a mixture of art and music is seen through Borderlands, a musical and cinematic collaboration between Swedsh producer Klara Lewis, ex-Nine Inch Nails member Alessandro Cortini, US musician Grouper, and Australian composer and media artist Lawrence English.

Check out SPB's coverage of the 2016 event.

The festival takes place between June 8th and 26th, and is filled to the brim with amazing performances:

Dark Mofo 2017
Mogwai (Scotland)
Einstürzende Neubauten
Ulver (Norway)
Ulver & Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra performing Messe IX-VI.X
Welcome Stranger
Red Bull Music Academy: Transliminal
Ancient Rain
+ Paul Kelly
+ Camille O’Sullivan (Ireland/UK)
+ Feargal Murray (Scotland/UK)
Hymns To The Dead:
+ Taake (Norway)
+ Anaal Nathrakh (UK)
+ Barshasketh (UK)
+ Grave Miasma (New Zealand/Scotland)
+ Mournful Congregation
Buried Country
A.B. Original
Thelma Plum
Sophie Hutchings
+ Alessandro Cortini (Italy)
+ Klara Lewis (Sweden)
+ Grouper (USA)
+ Lawrence English
Xiu Xiu plays the Music of Twin Peaks (USA)
Luke Howard & Tilman Robinson
Silence: Strings Of The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra


Chris Levine (GBR)
Hermann Nitsch (Austria)
Mike Parr
Sound of Silence: Alfredo Jaar (USA/Chile)
Siren Song: Byron J Scullin + Supple Fox
Sleeping Beauty: Victorian Opera & Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Ogoh-ogoh: The Purging & The Burning
The Second Woman: Nat Randall
Radio Gothic
The Dark Chorus: Lucy Guerin Inc

KFAI - Undead
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