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The Fest wave 2 lineup announcements

Posted by Loren on June 2, 2019

The Fest wave 2 lineup announcements
The Fest wave 2 lineup announcements

Scheduled for Nov. 1-3, 2019, The Fest 18 announced additional bands to play the gargantuan Gainesville, FL festival. Against Me! will play 4 full-length albums over the course of 2 nights, plus the addition of Stiff Little Fingers, American Steel, The Bronx, and a one-time Spraynard reunion.

Now in its 18th iteration, The Fest 18 will feature sets by Arms Aloft, The Lillingtons, MakeWar, Mikey Erg, The Eradicator, and more.

Tickets recently sold out for the full 3-day festival but single day, venue-specific tickets will be sold closer to the event itself.

The Fest wave 2 lineup announcements
The Fest wave 2 lineup announcements

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