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Ian's Party 2020: the lineup (first wave)

Posted by Loren on November 10, 2019

Ian's Party 2020: the lineup (first wave)
photo by Loren Green

The annual New Year's kickoff punk rock celebration known at Ian's Party has announced wave one of its lineup for the coming year. 

Taking place Jan. 3-5 at Chop Shop and Subterreanean in Chicago, the lineup will include sets by Meat Wave, The Brokedowns, Vacation, No Men, Typesetter, Howardian, Hitter, Wig, The Bobby Conn Experience, Absolutely Not, Ono, C.H.E.W., Lung, Paper Mice, Joshua Virtue, Malci, Two Houses, Blacker Face, Masonic Wave, Bruges, Wood Chickens, Lovely Little Girls, Bev Rage and the Drinks, Topomaka, Hawley, Clickbait, Nonnie Parry, Abertooth Lincoln, and American Draft.

Tickets are on sale now. Learn more via the festival website.

Ian's Party 2020: the lineup (first wave)
photo by Loren Green

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