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Damaged City 2020 info

Posted by Loren on February 29, 2020

Damaged City 2020 info
photo by Chris Goyette

Damaged City Fest 2020 takes over Washington, DC on April 10-11 this year. The all ages punk festival features bands from across the world, playing at Good Fast Cheap over two days. This year's lineup included Trapped Under Ice, Chain Cult, Appendix, Hate Preachers, and more (full listing below with more to be announced).

Get more info at the festival website.



Ammo (NJ)
Appendix (Finland)
Armor (FL)
Brain Tourniquet (DC)
Chain Cult (Greece)
Destruktions (Finland)
Ekulu (NY)
Gulch (CA)
Gunn (CA)
Hate Preachers (CA)
Hologram (DC)
Ingrown (ID)
Lion of Judah (DC)
Odd Man Out (WA)
Permission (UK)
Phantasia (NY)
Protocol (FL)
Raw Brigade (Colombia)
Scalple (NY)
Secretors (NY)
Sex Prisoner (AZ)
Spine (IL)
Subversive Rite (NY)
Tantrum (NY)
Trapped Under Ice (MD)
Weak Tilt (DC)
Wound Man (MA)

...more TBA


524 Rhode island Ave NE
Washington, DC
Metro = Rhode Island Ave
*Hosting Friday & Saturday Main Shows

Damaged City 2020 info
photo by Chris Goyette

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