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The Fest 19 announces wave 1 of artists

Posted by Loren on April 3, 2020

The Fest 19 announces wave 1 of artists
artwork by Richard Minino (Horsebites)

In a period with a lot of bad news, The Fest is back with something to look forward to. Provided COVID-19 lets up, The Fest 19 is scheduled for October 30-November 1 in Gainesville, FL. Tickets went on sale today and the massive punk get-together of 300+ bands announced a wave of participating artists in 2020, which includes Hot Water Music, Sparta, Torche, Frank Turner, Cursive, Samiam, Strike Anywhere, Modern Life Is War, and many (many)  more.

Read about Fest history in this SPB piece co-authored by Jen of No More, and check out coverage of The Fest 18 for some good times memories.

Tickets are on sale now.

The Fest 19 announces wave 1 of artists
artwork by Richard Minino (Horsebites)

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