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The end of INTRCPTR

Posted by Loren on July 1, 2020

The end of INTRCPTR
photo by Diona Mavis

Los Angeles duo INTRCPTR, comprised of guitarist Ben Carr (5ive) and drummer Larry Herweg (Pelican) shared a new video this week to announce the group's end.

The video comes from their second EP, II, which was released on Pax Aeternum last year and features a collection of live footage and still photography.

Herweg speaks of the band's break-up:

Kenneth Thomas a longtime friend and collaborator with Pelican and other label mates made the perfect send off for our band. Upon getting the finished video this past week I found out Ben was relocating back to the East Coast. This past week we were also scheduled to open for Shiner in LA, but like all live shows it got postponed indefinitely. It would've been a great last show together, but the world has different plans for everyone right now. Thank you to everyone that listened, came out to our shows, helped us put out our music, etc. I'm going to miss jamming with you Ben. It was nice having you out here for a few years and so glad you asked me to get together to play music. Safe travels and hope to see you soon. Be well everyone.

Watch the video.

The end of INTRCPTR
photo by Diona Mavis

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