News Videos SPB premiere: “Hold Music!” by Heavy Comforter

SPB premiere: “Hold Music!” by Heavy Comforter

Posted June 3, 2021, 8:34 a.m. in Videos by Loren
SPB premiere: “Hold Music!” by Heavy Comforter

Heavy Comforter 5: Joey and His Rapid Dogs!

Heavy Comforter is a project formed by William Johnson (Future Virgins, Big Kitty, Sexy, and more) in 2020 -- stuck at home and stuck in a rut as we all were. While a solo project, it’s anything but the acoustic guitar melodrama one might expect on reading that first sentence though. With Let’s Pretend Records prepping the release of Heavy Comforter 5: Joey and His Rapid Dogs!, the record is eloquently described as “the debut rock opera based around the halfway house outside of his dark room in Chattanooga, Tennessee.”

SPB has the honor of premiering “Hold Music!” below, which is manic, fiery and just a little weird…which is how we like it. Check out the video, created by Chattanooga stop motion studio, The Skeleton Key Workshop.

“The only real direction or thoughts I got from Heavy Comforter was that they saw lots of quick cuts. I saw the same thing as soon as I heard the song. I felt like the viewer should be dropped into the middle of a pretty wild situation with no explanation. Chaos. Panic.”

The Skeleton Key explains of the making-of. Check it out below:

Clay, hot glue, popsicle sticks, magnets, velcro, armature wire, cardboard, paint, and lots of other stuff, come to life!


While Heavy Comforter may be born of pandemic frustration, there are more releases in store – and soon, with Let’s Pretend also prepping 3 for release as we speak.

Joey and His Rapid Dogs is limited to a pressing of 200 12” records. Order it here.

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