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The Mimes debut (Vacation, Mixtapes)

Posted by Loren on February 14, 2021

The Mimes debut (Vacation, Mixtapes)
The Mimes debut (Vacation, Mixtapes)

Let's Pretend Records will soon release Plastic Pompeii, the debut album from The Mimes of Cincinnati, OH. 

While it's the first record under The Mimes name, the band features musicians from the Cincinnati scene who may be recognized for their work with Vacation, Mixtapes, Homeless Gospel Choir, Ogikubo Station, and more, with a lineup of Maura Weaver, Megan Schroer, and John Hoffmon.

The record was produced and mixed by the band while adhering to pandemic restrictions. Similarly, the band has self-produced their own videos, including the brand new "The Ugliest One" and the previousily shared "Cereal," both of which we've shared below.

Plastic Pompeii features 12 songs in total, running just over half-an-hour and comes out on March 5 on digital and cassette formats.

track listing:

01.) Cereal
02.) Mockingbird
03.) Hello Tokyo
04.) Ugliest One There
05.) Cold Dec0y
06.) Knob
07.) Pete
08.) David Mann
09.) Day 23
10.) Heirloom Sins Part II
11.) Plastic Pompeii

The Mimes debut (Vacation, Mixtapes)
The Mimes debut (Vacation, Mixtapes)

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