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Broadway Calls has been around the pop punk scene for quite a while, originally hailing from Rainier, Oregon and now based in L.A., they have been a fixture on the tour circuit since 2005 and when a band tours as hard and as frequently as these guys you can usually hear it in how well they play together and this record proves that theory correct. The new release Comfort/Distraction their third album is a treat for fans of the bands classic hardcore punk/pop sound, which came perilously close to not getting made due to label issues. The band lineup has changed slightly and now consists of Ty Vaughn on Guitar, Adam Willis on Bass and Josh Baird on Drums but their sound is just what you'd expect from a group of guys that have such a long history together. 

The album opener "Bring On The Storm" rips it up showing off the intense bass / drum combination these guys bring, Ty's vocals and guitar playing make this a powerful three minute piece of work full of energy. "Open Letter" rocks out with yet another powerful endeavor from the rhythm section, with songs such as this it is easy to understand why this band has such a great reputation as a live band. This song as with most all of the tunes on the album rock from start to finish at a frenetic pace, as the band dares you to keep up with them. "Minus One" drifts into the Green Day style of pop/punk, while there is no fake English accents or anything like that, it has a lyrical hook to it and vocally sounds much fuller than what you get from Billie Joe and the boys, I'll take this any day.

The band slows it down a bit for the next song "Lucky Lighter",which starts out with Ty asking "Can I start myself on fire with your lucky lighter" an anthem of sorts that really makes you feel the pain. "Surrounded By Ghosts" is another tune that is filled with energy, pissed off anger and some great guitar riffs, again a solid back beat on this one just fills out the song and makes it sound as though this band is more than a three piece outfit. "Zombie World" sounds like the band could be telling a story about the life of a constantly touring rock band with lines like "Picking up where we left off last year" "Tell my dad he raised me just right" "Living in a zombie world we're the happiest boys and girls in the zombie world".
In the tune "Wildly Swinging" Ty is singing about wasting time and discovering that nothing lasts forever all signs of a band coming into its own and reluctantly admitting that no matter how hard you try not to everything changes over time.
"I'll Be There" is a lyrically great survival story of an abused family breaking the ties and getting away from a bad situation, that theme has been explored before but this tune has it all. Great story lyrically and the arrangements fill it out. 

The final three tracks "Stealing Sailboats", "Life Is Rhythm", and "Full Of Hope" are more evidence to the bands growth and maturation, each one another chapter in the life of a rock and roll band. Again you can't say enough about the bands tight rhythm section, crunching guitar leads, and the energy you feel when you listen to this album.

7.7 / 10Scott Wilkinson
KFAI - Undead
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7.7 / 10

7.7 / 10

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