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Meet Me On The Moon

Meet Me On The Moon is a teaser single for the new LP, Sad In The City, which also happens to be Broadway Calls’ first new full-length in almost a decade (which will release close to the time this review publishes). While I knew of the band, I’d never really spent any time with their records. On this short-player, I like what I hear and it’s a perfectly arranged appetizer combo for a lead single.

The title track is peppy, punchy and memorable. The refrain of “Meet Me on the moon tonight/ You bring the pillow/ I’ll bring the wine” grabs me each time. It’s upbeat, singalong stuff. It’s emotive, warm, friendly and it gets stuck in your head. It’s pop-punk on the “nice” side, but it manages to still sound authentic instead of saccharine or melodramatic.

On the flip side we get an acoustic reworking of an older song, “Call It Off.” The same songwriting chops are on display here. Even if it’s just an acoustic guitar and a whole lotta harmonies, the song is still anthemic, personal and written for everyone to join at the chorus -- which is kind of the goal of a song like this. It subtly reminds me of the first Foundation (RVA) record from way back in 2000.

I’d rather leave scores to the sports pages, but Side A is a winner here and Side B serves as a nice compliment. That’s what you want in this kind of single, and the catchy angle is perfect for throwing it on repeat when you’re too lazy to flip the record over.

I wasn’t generally interested in Broadway Calls before listening to Meet Me On The Moon. Now I am. Mission accomplished.

8.0 / 10Loren
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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