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Vile Creature

Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!
Prosthetic (2020)

There has been a shift in recent years, in heavy music, and it’s one that has given bands and artists the opportunity to use their platform to speak out, to uplift those who need help and to talk about difficult topics more openly. Heavy music is changing, for the better, and one such band using their space for good is … Read more


Misery Never Forgets
Prosthetic (2019)

With a name like Wristmeetrazor could assume what you would be getting with this record before heading in and pressing play. While you may not be entirely wrong you would most certainly be partially wrong at best. While you could assume the record treads in emotionally raw lyrics and you would be correct but to also assume there is a … Read more


Prosthetic (2006)

Chicago's Yakuza, despite two previous albums and a deal with Century Media, have not received much attention for their brand of chaotic metal. Bearing likeness to bands such as Naked City and Kylesa (a very strange combination indeed), Yakuza's third full-length Samsara has and will continue to garner well-deserved attention of metal fans looking for variety. Samsara begins with "Cancer … Read more