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Face Reality

Positive Change
Dead End (2009)

It's nice to see in 2009 that's there is still youth crew hardcore bands out there. Face Reality is from Michigan and play fast hardcore with plenty of fun breakdowns. The vocals remind me of Ray Cappo with a cold. Musically it's a cross between Ten Yard Fight and The First Step. The lyrics are positive and on the straight-end … Read more

Face To Face

Laugh Now, Laugh Later
Antagonist (2011)

By the end of 2004, Face to Face had disbanded and there were no signs that would have suggested they’d ever write or play again. It was 4 years later that a glimmer of hope began to shine when the band announced a run of reunion shows. Eventually, word broke out that there would be a new album, and the … Read more

Failing Myself

Every Day
Rally Point (2007)

A cassette tape release? This is the third one I've received in the mail recently. I don't even know where you get these pressed anymore. Regardless, Every Day is a cool trip down memory lane to a time when Myspace didn't exist and band's relied on word of mouth to promote themselves. Failing Myself is a one-man musical project from … Read more

Faith No More

Sol Invictus
Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac (2015)

June, 1997.Hanson's Mmmbop was at the top of the charts. Hype was building for James Cameron's soon-to-be-released new film Titanic. Layne Staley and Princess Diana had yet to shuffle off this mortal coil. And Faith No More's Album of the Year hit the shelves - what was to be the last album the band released before calling it quits the … Read more

Fake Names

Fake Names
Epitaph (2020)

Fake Names formed when two long-time friends decided to play music together at home, with no plans for it to grow into an actual group. But after Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Michael Hampton (S.O.A., Embrace, One Last Wish) put the pen to paper, they changed their mind and recruited a band. They’d attended elementary school with bassist Johnny Temple … Read more

Fake Problems

How Far Our Bodies Go
Sabot (2007)

The comparisons are going to be made so let's just get them out of the way right now. As Against Me! becomes the new Hot Water Music, Fake Problems might just become the new Against Me!. Maybe. Yes, Fake Problems hails from Florida, a few hours north of the aforementioned bands and yes, they take a no frills approach to … Read more

Fake Problems / Ninja Gun

Sabot Productions (2009)

This split 7" from Sabot teams up two punk sensations for one exclusive track each. Fake Problems offer up "The Manliest Man of All Men," which is very much in tune with their preceding full-length, It's Great to be Alive. The band builds on their quirky punk sound with a hint of bluesy rock and roll and indie rock flavoring; … Read more

Fall City Fall

Victory (2013)

Meet Fall City Fall, the patron saints of Calgary Metalcore. Five years in the making and putting out their Major Label Debut, “Victus” through Victory Records, these guys have been working hard to get to where they are and this record shows it. Fall City Fall blends a melodic sensibility akin to bands such as La Dispute with a what’s … Read more

Fall of Efrafa

Halo Of Flies/Denovali/Sound Devastation (2009)

Fall of Efrafa proves further that there is still a great deal of inventiveness in existence within the underground music scene by basing the entire concept (from band name, to topical song material, to artwork) around a singular work of literature by exploring the themes and moods and the mythology within Watership Down. Inle is the final installment in a … Read more

Fall of Serenity

Bloodred Salvation
Lifeforce (2006)

There seems to be an unhealthy amount of metalcore originating from the usually respectable country of Germany. And they all seem to be on Lifeforce. Out of these bands, Fall of Serenity is one of the better ones, or at least one of the least annoying of the bunch. The worldwide metalcore herd needs some serious thinning out, but Fall … Read more

Fall of Serenity

The Crossfire
Lifeforce (2008)

My first exposure to this German outfit is a simple enough experience to recount and that is via the split LP which they have with their compatriots Heaven Shall Burn, and, since that record is several years old at this point, hearing how or if the band has changed in that time. Seeing as how The Crossfire is the first … Read more

Fall Out Boy

From Under the Cork Tree
Island (2005)

Selling out. Trying something new. Maturing. Call it what you will, but a substantial number of underground artists have become fairly well-known after changing up the musical scene they are involved with. First there was Ian MacKaye leaving behind Minor Threat for Fugazi, and eventually The Evens. Others followed suit. Gorilla Biscuits guitarist Walter Schreifels went from playing in one … Read more

Fall Out Boy

Infinity on High
Island (2007)

In the punk scene alone, the collected amount of shit that has been talked about Fall Out Boy could probably fill the Atlantic Ocean…twice. I am certainly, without question or hesitation, as guilty of it as anyone else, but I'm willing to admit it when I like music by a band I have previously criticized. And so it is with … Read more

Fall Out Boy

My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to My Tongue
Fueled By Ramen (2004)

Yo, this CD title sucks. It doesn't even really make sense. Also, fuck the packaging. It's not the average size of a jewel case, so it won't fit on my CD shelf. I have around five hundred cds, and they are taking up three full shelves on a good-sized bookcase, but next to those three shelves are a small pile … Read more

Fall Out Boy

Take This to Your Grave
Fueled By Ramen (2003)

Breathing new life into an otherwise stale genre is a difficult task to undertake, but on Fall Out Boy's first proper full length, Take This to Your Grave, they have done just that. For the past few years, pop-punk, while constantly growing in popularity, has been steadily declining in numbers of bands willing to think and play outside the seemingly … Read more

Fall River

Lights Out
Thorp (2005)

I have come to the realization that if any band has Sean Ingram sing on their record, it will make that band sound stronger than they do normally. That is not a cut on those bands. It is simply a testament to the unique and powerful vocals of Ingram. Unfortunately for Fall River (or fortunately, depending on how one looks … Read more

Fallen from the Sky

Tonight We Radiate
Eulogy (2008)

Florida's Fallen from the Sky have been on the upward trend since releasing their debut EP, Tune Out the World, in 2005. They were runner-ups in MTV2's Dew Circuit Breakout and this, their debut full-length, was highly anticipated by many publications. In spite of all the praise the band has remained grounded and true to their roots. The band's debut … Read more

Fallen from the Sky

Tune Out the World
JMB (2005)

Fallen from the Sky are a five piece band from Boca Raton, Florida. The band plays a style of melodic punk/hardcore with an aggressive edge reminiscent of Friends, Lies, and the End of the World-era Reach the Sky or The Movielife's Forty Hour Train Back to Penn. At one time or another, those bands had defined a heavier sound in … Read more