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/\/\ /\ Y /\ (MAYA)
XL Recordings (2010)

The hipsterati and the New York Times may have set their sights on MIA but, frankly, I don’t have the time to care what she eats during an interview. Besides, her music is largely a studio product anyway, which gives it an insulating layer from its creator’s personality. <i>Maya</i> is the Indo-British singer’s third record and her first since becoming … Read more


XL Recordings (2005)

Superfluous. If I could describe the music press' fawning over female Sri-Lankan/British emcee M.I.A. in a single word, that would be it. This excessive praise for a new artist is not unique to her, of course. In 2004, it was Franz Ferdinand. In 2003, it was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To be honest, M.I.A.'s Arular does not live up to … Read more


Before the Dawn Heals Us
Mute (2005)

I don't know why I used to assume that following up an amazing album is hard to pull off. Listening to this release, you wouldn't think that at all. M83's second release, Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts gave My Bloody Valentine an electronic makeover, but with enough character of its own to avoid being dismissed as some sort … Read more


Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Mute (2004)

Listening stations in major music stores really suck. There's always some dolt who doesn't know how to use it ("SCAN HERE" is never in his or her vocabulary), or someone's playing mind-numbingly awful music with the volume at 11 so that everyone in the store can hear the decline of western civilization without ever having to leave their place in … Read more


Mute (2008)

The French are good at many things. Food. Art. Aquatic nuclear shenanigans. But despite being one of the cultural centers of Europe, France never seems to have really mastered music. Perhaps it's my brutish Britannic ignorance, but I struggle to name many decent French bands. Air are good. I've heard some decent French hip-hop. And then there's M83. Manned and … Read more


Cheers, to Doomsday Gloom
Glacial (2006)

Invisible Youth PR claims that Mabus create music with elements of "everything from pop and jazz to rock and metal into their innovative." Call me cynical, but whenever I read something like this - describing a band as splicing together every genre under the sun - I can't help but feel skeptical. Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, … Read more

Mad Sin

Sweet and Innocent? Loud & Dirty!
Thorp (2005)

First released in 1998 und das Vaterland, Mad Sin's album Sweet and Innocent? Loud & Dirty! finally gets a "proper release" on North American Shores, courtesy of Thorp Records. A band that's been around for nigh on 17 years, these guys could quite possibly be the only band to have been on more labels than they have albums released. How … Read more

Mad The Martian

Blast Off
MtM Records (2014)

All I keep hearing these days is that Rock is dead, the ever popular Gene Simmons schooled us with this factoid in an interview he did with Esquire (Esquire WTF??) last month. Well friends let me assure you Mad the Martian, a band we interviewed here on Scene Point Blank recently, are here to save Rock and Roll. The band … Read more


For The Cause
Century Media (2018)

30 years is a long fucking time. Those of us fortunate enough to break into our 30s know the wisdom and fragility that comes with clicking into that next decade of life. Things hurt more, from hangovers to inexplicable body aches. That said, we are also wiser, having learned from many of the mistakes we made in our early days, … Read more


Thorp (2004)

So, you want to listen to some FUCKING HARDCORE?! Yes, Madball, that loveable NYHC band is coming out with a new album aptly titled N.Y.H.C. How adorable! Despite my music knowledge, I've never really been into the hardcore scene, but now, after listening to this album, I understand what the hell all those hardcore kids talk about when they keep … Read more


Unday Records (2018)

I’ll start with a request for the reader: think about genres and how difficult it truly is to define music. It’s hard to hold in your head. Take metal for example. It is obvious that Black Sabbath is metal and so is Isis, despite how different they are. It isn’t as obvious how one turned into the other gradually. The rules of metal … Read more


Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
Stones Throw (2006)

Before we can even dive into this review we must address the issue of the cataloging this style of music. When I first got into the genre I was told it was called "trip-hop." To me this sent the message that I wasn't allowed to experience it unless I was on some mind-altering substance. Next I heard it referred to … Read more


Confessions on a Dance Floor
Maverick (2005)

Do you remember when Madonna used to be the only female pop star that could sell millions with every album? When she was always ahead of the chasing pack by being the first major pop star to take the latest underground fade and turn it into the new cool? Do you remember when she looked hot and flaunted her sexuality … Read more


Stones Throw (2004)

On this highly anticipated release from arguably two of underground hip-hop's most interesting personalities- wunderkind producer/MC Madlib (a.k.a. Otis Jackson, Jr., Quasimoto, Yesterday's New Quintet) and eccentric rapper MF Doom (a.k.a. Daniel Dumile, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Zevlove X) combine each of their unique talents to create an undeniably challenging and masterfully constructed record. Although there's an unquestionable cohesion to … Read more

Magnolia Electric Co.

What Comes After the Blues
Secretly Canadian (2005)

You would be hard pressed to come across a review of Magnolia Electric Co.'s What Comes after the Blues that doesn't mention Neil Young. The reason for this is pretty simple, it sounds very reminiscent of Neil Young, on first listen at least. People who count this as a fault haven't been paying much attention to Jason Molina's body of … Read more


Relapse (2016)

Fucking finally. It’s been six long years since we’ve heard from the Brooklyn via D.C. grind-brigade. This month marks the release of II, the only Magrudergrind record since 2010’s Crusher EP and a welcome relief to those only moderately pacified by Avi Kulawy’s (vocals) doom project, Ruine. II presents some major changes from Magrudergrind without exhibiting a substantial departure from … Read more

Magrundergrind / Shitstorm

Robotic Empire (2006)

A few years back, I used to be friends with this kid Lee. He played drums in a few local metal bands and he loved blastbeats. He predominantly listened to a grind and death metal bands. I haven't seen him in quite some time, but if I did happen to run into him, I'd suggest that he buy this split … Read more


Girls Unknown
Independent (2013)

Sounds can create images. New York City based 4 piece Mainland have this effect on "The Stroll". It concocts an image of bright strobe lights that make you even more bleary eyed in your drunken stupor, as you stomp your heels off the sticky floor in time to the drums as though your life depends on it, before the bridge … Read more