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Make Do and Mend - Bodies of Water album cover

Make Do and Mend

Bodies of Water, 2009

8.9 / 10

I'm just going to be honest here and let you all in on a little secret of mine. The thing is there aren't really any bands that have come down ...

Make Do and Mend - Don't Be Long album cover

Make Do and Mend

Don't Be Long, 2015

7.0 / 10

Back in 2010, Make Do and Mend were taking over top 10 lists with their debut, End Measured Mile. The band went on to shake things up with, Everything You ...

Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile album cover

Make Do and Mend

End Measured Mile, 2010

8.7 / 10

This has been one the more highly anticipated records within the punk and hardcore scene in this year. How does a band overcome scene hype and shit talk to make ...

Make Do and Mend - We're All Just Living album cover

Make Do and Mend

We're All Just Living, 2007

8.5 / 10

Don't you just hate it when an album, or in this case an EP, is marred by one or two horrible tracks? Connecticut’s Make Do and Mend almost created a ...

Make the Difference - I Still Believe album cover

Make the Difference

I Still Believe, 2007

4.5 / 10

Cincinnati, Ohio's Make the Difference is two guys, named Justin and Josh, and a rotating cast of friends according to the liner notes. It doesn't tell me what Justin or ...

Makeout Party - Lengths and Limits album cover

Makeout Party

Lengths and Limits, 2008

4.0 / 10

I’ll admit it; I have a few musical guilty pleasures. I have a few albums that I’m embarrassed to own but I still love nonetheless. Makeout Party seems like they ...

Maker - Mirrors album cover


Mirrors, 2011

7.1 / 10

Maker have been a band for a few years now crawling out of the Massachusetts hardcore scene. The band play a style of pop punk that relies on speed and ...

MakeWar - Developing A Theory of Integrity album cover


Developing A Theory of Integrity, 2016

7.4 / 10

One of the reasons I gravitate toward the pop-end of the punk spectrum is because it lacks pretention. The structures are straightforward and honest, often predictable to such a fault ...

Malady - Malady album cover


Malady, 2004

8.9 / 10

This may seem like an overstatement or an overdramatic reaction to the task of reviewing a record, but honestly, reviewing Malady's self-titled record is probably one of the hardest things ...

Malignancy - Inhuman Grotesqueries album cover


Inhuman Grotesqueries, 2007

6.9 / 10

a) “Neglected Rejection” b) “Benign Reabsorption” c) “Predicated Malformations” d) “Embryological Teratomas” Okay, here’s how it works - you guess which ones are actual titles of songs by the band ...

Mamaleek  - Via Dolorosa album cover


Via Dolorosa, 2015

8.1 / 10

The experimental black metal outfit from San Francisco has been able to create a veil of mystery around their existence. The origin of Mamaleek is traced back in 2008, and ...

Mamiffer - Hirror Ennifer album cover


Hirror Ennifer, 2008

7.7 / 10

Hirror Ennifer is the debut album from Mamiffer the new project from Faith Coloccia and a revolving cast of co-conspirators including Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Grey Machine, etc), ...

Mamiffer - Mare Descendrii album cover


Mare Descendrii, 2011

9.0 / 10

Every once in a while, after listening to literally hundreds of records, that one record will come along where, when you put it on the stereo, everything seems to melt ...

Mamiffer - Statu Nascendi album cover


Statu Nascendi, 2014

8.2 / 10

Even though Mamiffer started off as a studio project of Faith Coloccia, throughout the years it has blossomed into something much more. The atmospheric experimental band of the former mastermind ...

Mammoth Grinder - Underworlds album cover

Mammoth Grinder

Underworlds, 2013

7.9 / 10

Mammoth Grinder have made a name for themselves by playing a mix of old school death metal , d-beat and hardcore. While that combination of influences isn't singular to them ...

Man Man - Six Demon Bag album cover

Man Man

Six Demon Bag, 2006

8.0 / 10

Man Man is the most original band out right now. There, I said it, and I stand by it. No other band today plays the brand of music Man Man ...

Man Overboard - Hung Up on Nothing album cover

Man Overboard

Hung Up on Nothing, 2008

3.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Man Overboard is the latest bubble-gum pop-punk band to come around, joining the existing one hundred thousand others. This four-piece hails from New Jersey, and like so many others they ...

Manatees - The Forever Ending Jitter Quest of Slow Hand Chuckie: An Introduction to the Manatee album cover


The Forever Ending Jitter Quest of Slow Hand Chuckie: An Introduction to the Manatee, 2006

8.3 / 10

I slept on Manatees' promotional disc for a very long time and I'm extremely sorry I did so. Their untitled release, or the lengthy The Forever Ending Jitter Quest of ...

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