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Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn album cover

Rainer Maria

Long Knives Drawn, 2003

5.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Rainer Maria? More like Rainer Boring. The lack of rock and only prettiness make this boring. It would be ok if the prettiness was really good, but it's just kind ...

Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn album cover

Rainer Maria

Long Knives Drawn, 2003

8.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Wow. This band changed. A lot. Last I had heard of this band was A Better Version Of Me which I believe was their last full length record. Well something ...

Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn album cover

Rainer Maria

Long Knives Drawn, 2003

7.0 / 10
Multiple Authors

Long Knives Drawn is quite a good rock record. Each song is well-written and sculpted quite perfectly by Rainer's members. Highlights on the record, to me, are the opening track ...

Raise the Red Lantern - Thunderfuck album cover

Raise the Red Lantern

Thunderfuck, 2006

9.0 / 10

It's hard to say if stoner rock on a whole tries to be "epic" in a way that other instrumental oriented metals do. Mostly they try to get as heavy ...

Raised Fist - From the North album cover

Raised Fist

From the North, 2015

8.0 / 10

From The North is Raised Fist’s first release since 2009’s Veil of Ignorance, and is a continuation of the style and sound honed on that album. Veil of Ignorance was ...

Rallidae - Turned, And Was album cover


Turned, And Was, 2016

2.5 / 10

The other week a friend and I went to a jazz club - the Lilypad in Cambridge, MA. We didn’t know who was playing there that night - we were ...

Rally the Fray - To Never Live in Denial album cover

Rally the Fray

To Never Live in Denial, 2006

2.0 / 10

I don't know about anyone else but when I get a new album I don't listen to it right away at first. I usually check out the song the titles, ...

Ramming Speed - Brainwreck album cover

Ramming Speed

Brainwreck, 2008

7.5 / 10

Boston-based Ramming Speed burst onto the scene with their debut 7” in 2007. The EP followed suit of the crossover/thrash revival that had recently begun to sweep our nation. But ...

Rammstein - Made in Germany 1995-2011 album cover


Made in Germany 1995-2011, 2011

8.5 / 10

I usually don't have the time to listen to all of the albums sent to us by every Tom, Dick and Harry around, so I generally save reviews outside of ...

Rammstein - Paris – the special edition album cover


Paris – the special edition, 2017

8.5 / 10

Ah, Rammstein.  Härte. Neue deutsche. Grinding metal guitars, brute masculinity, pyromania, double entendres, operatic sub-sonic vocals, wordplays galore and taboo subjects.  In a live context, they burn – literally, being ...

Ramones - It's Alive 1974-1996 album cover


It's Alive 1974-1996, 2007

9.2 / 10

The Ramones are finished. Over. Unlike their peers from the 1970’s, there will be no reunion tours. Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee have passed on. That’s three out of the ...

Rampage - Limit of Destruction album cover


Limit of Destruction, 2007

6.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Boston-based hardcore outfit Rampage unleash thirteen tracks of thrash influenced hardcore on Limit of Destruction. Some of the cuts here take on a definite New York hardcore vibe, while others ...

Ramparts - Tramps Like Us album cover


Tramps Like Us, 2007

9.0 / 10

Complacency is one of the greatest threats to hardcore's continued vitality. Many bands fail to grasp the importance of taking risks to produce a fresh sound. Even more frustrating are ...

Rancid - Honor Is All We Know album cover


Honor Is All We Know, 2014

5.1 / 10

For years I was the biggest Rancid fan. The first record I didn’t buy on its release date was B-Sides & C-Sides, and that’s because I already had the songs. ...

Rancid - Let the Dominoes Fall album cover


Let the Dominoes Fall, 2009

7.2 / 10
Multiple Authors

I could write a thousand words on Rancid here if I wanted. I spent the better part of the 90's defending them amongst the punx, though my enthusiasm for the ...

Rancid - Let the Dominoes Fall album cover


Let the Dominoes Fall, 2009

5.9 / 10
Multiple Authors

Rancid changed my life when I was twelve years old. Yes, Nirvana and Green Day had me going in the right direction, but Rancid absolutely changed me with their shocking ...

Rancid - Trouble Maker album cover


Trouble Maker, 2017

7.5 / 10

It’s strange to me to realize that Rancid just released their ninth album. It’s a mark of age, not to mention that they haven’t been the most productive band on ...

Random - Todo.s los colores del album cover


Todo.s los colores del, 2011

9.5 / 10

I really wish I could describe Argentinian three-piece Random's sound to you. Their Facebook page lists their genre as 'extreme prog metal,' but that label could cover any band from ...

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