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Cool Choices
Hardly Art (2014)

“This is how losers feel // I am a loser // and you’re here to remind me” begins Cool Choices, recorded by Jenn Ghetto, founding member of the outstanding and sorely missed Carissa’s Wierd, under the name of “S.” Ghetto has made a career of producing some of the most heart-wrenching, emotionally-devastating, and downright sad tunes imaginable, and this … Read more


i EP
La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk (2017)

After making some waves around ye olden DIY hardcore scene circa 2014, these Toronto-ians took a little hiatus from recorded output (sans a couple live tapes). But now they’re back to kick of 2017 with this quick, four-song ripper. The titles of which all start with the letter I – “Insidiation”, "Incorporation”, “Information”, and “Individuation.” The aura of leather jacket-clad … Read more


Union Finale (2015)

It was not that far ago that I was listening to the previous S/V\R album, Sur Les Femmes and I was thinking just how intense their music was. Separating their previous album into two halves, the first saw them taking on their most chaotic and punishing form, rendering their soundscapes completely indecipherable. On the second part though, they seemed to … Read more


Sur Les Femmes I & II
Union Finale Records (2013)

S/V\R is the project of S. de la Moth of Menace Ruine and audio explorer/percussionist Chanoine V. The band’s earlier release entitled Celebration Noire, released through Handmade Birds, was excellent and now, after some time spent on meditation and soul searching the noise/industrial duo strikes back with their latest offering, Sur Les Femmes I & II. Split into two parts, the first being “Le … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie

…And Your Fathers are Dead in the Ground
Twelve Gauge (2009)

California's most intriguing current hardcore outfit, Sabertooth Zombie, returns with their latest full-length effort. Since they've last released Midnight Venom in 2006, the group has released a dual-EP 10" and a 7" EP as well as re-recording and re-compiling a few recordings for CD releases. Needless to say, Sabertooth Zombie has kept themselves busy. …And You Fathers are Dead in … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie

Dance / The Prisoner
Twelve Gauge (2007)

Sabertooth Zombie is a band that has been waiting to explode for sometime now. After a few self-released efforts, the band release their debut full-length, Midnight Venom, in 2006, an album that brilliantly fused menacing hardcore with the fierceness of punk. The album received high praise here at Scene Point Blank and we eagerly waited for what would follow. 2007 … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie

Human Performance III
Twelve Gauge (2011)

The guys of Sabertooth Zombie have been doing their own thing for awhile now. That "thing" as it were is a mash up of hardcore, stoner metal, and outright rock n roll with not a fuck to be given. While they don't really tend to add onto what they already do they over the course of their last couple 7 … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie

Midnight Venom
Twelve Gauge (2006)

After lying in bed with scenery consisting of drifting ceilings and absent eyelids, this year can finally end with a night of sleep soaked "z"s. Over three hundred days spent and not many left to live (for 2006) and FINALLY Sabertooth Zombie drops Midnight Venom: eighteen tracks of metallic hardcore that sound like seventy-two hours of no sleep and snakes … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie

The Only Good Politician is a Dead Polititian
Independent (2005)

Biting through the flesh of the unwilling. Fingering eye sockets and spilling vast volumes of blood. Some want to smash the system; others want to skull fuck it with barbed wired bats, like Sabertooth Zombie, who just self-released an EP titled, The Only Good Politician is a Dead Politician. We are treated to six songs of fucked up punk/hardcore with … Read more

Sabertooth Zombie / Jumpstreet

Headsplitterz 7"
Independent (2005)

Splits are traditionally a way two bands can get their music recorded/released by combining money. If you read that wrong you might even think bands combine monkeys. Sabertooth Zombie and Jumpstreet each contribute four songs towards proof that the bay area is a force not to be reckoned with. Sabertooth Zombie blasts balls with the first four songs. Sabbertooth Zombie … Read more


False Prism
Candlelight (2013)

After the release of an EP and two split albums, Sadgiqacea managed to land a deal with Candlelight Records under which their debut full-length album False Prism is coming out. The band from Pennsylvania is definitely one you want to check if you are into experimental heavy music, because they definitely know how to create imposing music that has the side effect … Read more


Make Ready the Cross
Inkblot (2006)

Tennessee natives Sadville without a doubt could be the biggest misnomer for a group. These dudes don't play sad bastard emo at all. Instead they play stoner metal with elements of doom and hardcore punk. You can only imagine the relief when I heard the music after looking at their name. Make Ready the Cross is seven tracks long, but … Read more


Greetings From the Sunshine State
Jetsam-Flotsam (2021)

Safety are far from a new band, but they’re new me. Heck, Greetings From the Sunshine State even sounds like a debut album title. Anyway, the band has been kicking since the early 2000s – which actually explains a few of the sonic comparisons I’ll make in this review of their new EP and first release since 2015’s released Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost … Read more

Sage Francis

Human the Death Dance
Epitaph (2007)

After 2005's A Healthy Distrust Sage Francis cemented himself as one of hip-hop's biggest heroes as well as one of it's most despised figures. Francis seemingly blurred the line between mainstream and the world of underground mix tapes, coming out as a possible savior of hip-hop, the opposite of rappers Nas blasted on Hip-Hop is Dead. While A Healthy Distrust … Read more

Sahara Hotnights

Kiss & Tell
RCA (2004)

Perhaps the name of Sahara Hotnights singer Maria Andersson's boyfriend rings a bell - Howlin' Pelle Alvmquist of the Hives. Or maybe you just know Sahara Hotnights, because you swear you've seen the name somewhere; that would be the press' fault. Sahara Hotnights has been dubbed "the next big thing" by several sources since the garage band explosion. They all … Read more

Said Radio

Tidal Waves and Teeth
Mankind (2007)

The initial rumblings of Said Radio caused a lot of excitement in the punk/hardcore community, and for good reason. Rumors of Said Radio - though different names have been tossed around - began to circulate the Internet early in the year, but by mid-Summer Said Radio was officially unveiled. Eric Ozenne, formerly of Redemption 87 and The Nerve Agents, is … Read more

Sailors With Wax Wings

Self Titled LP
Angel Oven (2010)

Alright, alright, so this is completely a love / hate affair with this record. It has nothing to do with the music or the sound quality; basically, I did not get the record at first (you know like understand it at all). Then summarily dismissed the Sailors With Wax Wings as simply OK but nothing that completely blew my mind … Read more

Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus
Season of Mist (2019)

On paper, it’s really a miracle Saint Vitus was able to last as long as they did. The forefathers of what became “doom” started out in Los Angeles just a couple of years before the sunset strip exploded in a hail of spandex and aquanet. Surviving numerous lineup changes, this self titled opus features original vocalist Scott Reagers, who has … Read more