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KFAI - Undead
S - Cool Choices album cover


Cool Choices, 2014

8.5 / 10

“This is how losers feel // I am a loser // and you’re here to remind me” begins Cool Choices, recorded by Jenn Ghetto, founding member of the outstanding ...

S.H.I.T. - i EP album cover


i EP, 2017

7.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

After making some waves around ye olden DIY hardcore scene circa 2014, these Toronto-ians took a little hiatus from recorded output (sans a couple live tapes). But now they’re back ...

S/V\R - Deluge album cover


Deluge, 2015

7.6 / 10

It was not that far ago that I was listening to the previous S/V\R album, Sur Les Femmes and I was thinking just how intense their music was. Separating their ...

S/V\R - Sur Les Femmes I & II album cover


Sur Les Femmes I & II, 2013

7.5 / 10

S/V\R is the project of S. de la Moth of Menace Ruine and audio explorer/percussionist Chanoine V. The band’s earlier release entitled Celebration Noire, released through Handmade Birds, was excellent and now, after ...

Sabertooth Zombie - Dance / The Prisoner album cover

Sabertooth Zombie

Dance / The Prisoner, 2007

8.0 / 10

Sabertooth Zombie is a band that has been waiting to explode for sometime now. After a few self-released efforts, the band release their debut full-length, Midnight Venom, in 2006, an ...

Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance III album cover

Sabertooth Zombie

Human Performance III, 2011

7.3 / 10

The guys of Sabertooth Zombie have been doing their own thing for awhile now. That "thing" as it were is a mash up of hardcore, stoner metal, and outright rock ...

Sabertooth Zombie - Midnight Venom album cover

Sabertooth Zombie

Midnight Venom, 2006

8.8 / 10

After lying in bed with scenery consisting of drifting ceilings and absent eyelids, this year can finally end with a night of sleep soaked "z"s. Over three hundred days spent ...

Sabertooth Zombie - The Only Good Politician is a Dead Polititian album cover

Sabertooth Zombie

The Only Good Politician is a Dead Polititian, 2005

8.5 / 10

Biting through the flesh of the unwilling. Fingering eye sockets and spilling vast volumes of blood. Some want to smash the system; others want to skull fuck it with barbed ...

Sabertooth Zombie - …And Your Fathers are Dead in the Ground album cover

Sabertooth Zombie

…And Your Fathers are Dead in the Ground, 2009

8.0 / 10

California’s most intriguing current hardcore outfit, Sabertooth Zombie, returns with their latest full-length effort. Since they’ve last released Midnight Venom in 2006, the group has released a dual-EP 10” and ...

Sabertooth Zombie / Jumpstreet - Headsplitterz 7" album cover

Sabertooth Zombie / Jumpstreet

Headsplitterz 7", 2005

7.6 / 10

Splits are traditionally a way two bands can get their music recorded/released by combining money. If you read that wrong you might even think bands combine monkeys. Sabertooth Zombie and ...

sadgiqacea - False Prism album cover


False Prism, 2013

8.0 / 10

After the release of an EP and two split albums, Sadgiqacea managed to land a deal with Candlelight Records under which their debut full-length album False Prism is coming out. The band ...

Sadville - Make Ready the Cross album cover


Make Ready the Cross, 2006

7.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Tennessee natives Sadville without a doubt could be the biggest misnomer for a group. These dudes don’t play sad bastard emo at all. Instead they play stoner metal with elements ...

Safety - Greetings From the Sunshine State album cover


Greetings From the Sunshine State, 2021

7.0 / 10

Safety are far from a new band, but they’re new me. Heck, Greetings From the Sunshine State even sounds like a debut album title. Anyway, the band has been kicking since the ...

Sage Francis - Human the Death Dance album cover

Sage Francis

Human the Death Dance, 2007

8.6 / 10

After 2005's A Healthy Distrust Sage Francis cemented himself as one of hip-hop's biggest heroes as well as one of it’s most despised figures. Francis seemingly blurred the line between ...

Sahara Hotnights - Kiss & Tell album cover

Sahara Hotnights

Kiss & Tell, 2004

6.9 / 10

Perhaps the name of Sahara Hotnights singer Maria Andersson's boyfriend rings a bell - Howlin' Pelle Alvmquist of the Hives. Or maybe you just know Sahara Hotnights, because you swear ...

Said Radio - Tidal Waves and Teeth album cover

Said Radio

Tidal Waves and Teeth, 2007

7.5 / 10

The initial rumblings of Said Radio caused a lot of excitement in the punk/hardcore community, and for good reason. Rumors of Said Radio - though different names have been tossed ...

Sailors With Wax Wings - Self Titled LP album cover

Sailors With Wax Wings

Self Titled LP, 2010

8.1 / 10

Alright, alright, so this is completely a love / hate affair with this record. It has nothing to do with the music or the sound quality; basically, I did not ...

Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus album cover

Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus, 2019

6.3 / 10
200 Words Or Less

On paper, it’s really a miracle Saint Vitus was able to last as long as they did. The forefathers of what became “doom” started out in Los Angeles just a ...

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