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By Night
A Shape of New Desperation

Lifeforce (2007) Kevin Fitzpatrick

By Night – A Shape of New Desperation cover artwork
By Night – A Shape of New Desperation — Lifeforce, 2007

Where to begin, where to begin... For starters they're Swedish, which would normally be a plus, but in this case it is not because they opt to sound like every other 'Mercan scream-core band you've ever heard and that's really about it. Do you like Lamb of God? Do you like every band like this that tries to sound like Lamb of God? Then you need to get out more, my friend because Lamb of God ain't that good.

But they're popular. They have their finger on the pulse of today's youth and lemme tell ya, that's a hard thing to do what with all the studded wristbands and whatnot. By Night is another cookie-cutter band with cookie-cutter songs and cookie-cutter lyrics that for the most part aren't even memorable accidentally. Buy something else. I told you they're Swedish. I told you they're lame. You need to know nothing more than that.

By Night – A Shape of New Desperation cover artwork
By Night – A Shape of New Desperation — Lifeforce, 2007

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