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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
Death Before Disco - Barricades album cover

Death Before Disco

Barricades, 2006

2.9 / 10

I'll be the first to admit that I often judge a book by its cover the same way I judge a band by their name and cover art. Simply based ...

Deadsoil - Sacrifice album cover


Sacrifice, 2006

3.0 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Deadsoil is another one of those by the numbers German metalcore acts that I have come to expect from Lifeforce Records. But instead of being a Heaven Shall Burn ripoff, ...

Fall of Serenity - Bloodred Salvation album cover

Fall of Serenity

Bloodred Salvation, 2006

4.5 / 10
200 Words Or Less

There seems to be an unhealthy amount of metalcore originating from the usually respectable country of Germany. And they all seem to be on Lifeforce. Out of these bands, Fall ...

Cassius - I Am Jim Jones album cover


I Am Jim Jones, 2007

5.0 / 10

My first impression of Cassius is "Oh no, not another metalcore band." As time wears on, I hope that a lot of the kids in these bands wake up and ...

Hell Within - Shadows of Vanity album cover

Hell Within

Shadows of Vanity, 2007

7.8 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Taken verbatim from the initial notes of the reviewer: Starts out promisingly enough with Derek Jay beating the snare like he just caught it pooching his wife. Same energy as ...

By Night - A Shape of New Desperation album cover

By Night

A Shape of New Desperation, 2007

3.8 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Where to begin, where to begin... For starters they’re Swedish, which would normally be a plus, but in this case it is not because they opt to sound like every ...

Nightrage - A New Disease is Born album cover


A New Disease is Born, 2007

4.0 / 10

Allow me to preface my review with the following disclaimer: I am an avid follower of Tomas Lindberg's projects; so, due to his being the band's original screaming vocalist, I ...

Light Pupil Dilate - Snake Wine album cover

Light Pupil Dilate

Snake Wine, 2007

7.0 / 10

It’s never easy to be a band today with many disparate influences. Today’s groups are trying to become immortal or are at the very least play music that they want ...

Fall of Serenity - The Crossfire album cover

Fall of Serenity

The Crossfire, 2008

5.6 / 10

My first exposure to this German outfit is a simple enough experience to recount and that is via the split LP which they have with their compatriots Heaven Shall Burn, ...

Miseration - Your Demons ~ Their Angels album cover


Your Demons ~ Their Angels, 2008

6.3 / 10
200 Words Or Less

Former Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Älvestam has left said band to focus more on his other project, Miseration. Miseration is also a melodic death metal band, like Scar Symmetry, only ...

The Blackout Argument - Remedies album cover

The Blackout Argument

Remedies, 2009

6.8 / 10

Germany's The Blackout Argument are one of the many new hardcore acts being spawned in the scene today. In their short career as a band, they have already released three ...

Seneca - Reflections album cover


Reflections, 2009

5.0 / 10

Although they aren't breaking any new ground, especially in the already worn-down genre of metalcore, North Carolina's Seneca are talented at what they do. Though everything they've written on their ...

Nahemah - A New Constellation album cover


A New Constellation, 2009

8.0 / 10

Nahemah are a rather different band. Coming out of Spain a country not generally known for their metal and playing a style different than most. They play a style of ...

War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX album cover

War From A Harlots Mouth

MMX, 2010

7.3 / 10

War from a Harlots Mouth is definitely not new to the metal core or death core scene. They’ve been around a while, done tours, essentially put in their time. But, ...

The Last Felony - Too Many Humans album cover

The Last Felony

Too Many Humans, 2010

7.3 / 10

This band is what one supposes would be the great Canadian deathcore hope. That is to say they follow in the footsteps, at least in theory, of Despised Icon. While ...

Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows album cover

Omnium Gatherum

New World Shadows, 2011

8.1 / 10

As I listen to New World Shadows, the latest opus from Finland's Omnium Gatherum, I am awash in triumphant and majestic riffs that are far prettier than anything that a ...

Deadlock - Bizarro World album cover


Bizarro World, 2011

7.0 / 10

Deadlock has been around the block awhile as a band. Gone through member shifts as well as shifts in sound and "artistic vision". The band caught alot of flack with ...

Winterus - In Carbon Mysticism album cover


In Carbon Mysticism, 2011

6.5 / 10

The band Winterus formerly known as The Ancient are a Michigan band that seems to be wishing it was from the coldest regions of Norway. That is to say they ...

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