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Kimono Drag Queens

Songs Of Worship

Look at that gorgeous and very colorful cover. Now tell me what type of music do you expect? This better be something psychedelic, right? I admit I picked this album for review based on the bandname (stuff like this makes me really curious) and the artwork.

I expected something sunny and was not disappointed. This is the stuff that can be your perfect soundtrack to chill on a warm summer day. Not a strange thought as it is released at the start of the summer in Australia, where this band is from. I can testify it has also brightened up the dark Dutch winter days for me.

I am not really sure how to describe the music to you, but allow me to try. The label states it is psych rock. I would take that label with a grain of salt, as I expect something wilder and less laid back when you call something rock. The promo then talks about 60’s rock. I can picture true 60’s hippies chillin’ to this band, so I understand that reference. Tuareg's music is also a reference point. The guitar work at times reminds me of Tinariwen and Tamikrest indeed. Last reference point the label provides is ambient folk music. I don’t know what to make of it, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

My musical reference points in this genre are very limited unfortunately. Next to the aforementioned Tuareg influences (just check the start of the title song which also opens the album) I also am reminded of Goat, whose album World Music has been a personal favorite for a long time.

The production could be a bit more dynamic. It sounds slightly brickwalled, which is very modern, but is something I could do without. I do enjoy the clear presence of the bass guitar. What this band has done expertly is craft an album that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. This is the type of music that invites musicians to endless jams. Kimono Drag Queens steers away from this issue and focuses on (relative) short songs that are to the point. With only six songs this album is over in little of half an hour. To me this is an open invitation to play it again as after such short time I am not ready to say goodbye yet.

I took my time to review this easy listening album and in the time I had it has become dear to me. Had I heard it earlier I am pretty sure that I would have included it on my end of year list. I highly recommend you to give this band chance if any of the above mentioned bands or genres interest you.

8.0 / 10Dennis
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8.0 / 10

8.0 / 10

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