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You know there are those moments in songs where everything is just so perfect that you don’t want it to end? You do? Fantastic. Light Bearer have this in spades and none more so than on "Prelapsus," a track so soaring in tone that the sense of elation is enough to make even me crack a smile. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves - because that particular moment comes towards the end of the record and we have thirty five minutes of spectacular sounds to get through first.

Light Bearer hail from London (mostly) and formed in 2010 with Alex cf (vocals) at the helm. Alex is the creative thrust of the band, making all the artworks this album has been encased in and envisaging the narrative that runs throughout the record. It's one of the most intriguing concepts of recent times and pulls from many influences. The main being the story of Lucifer and his subsequent fall from grace as well as inspiration from Phillip Pullman's novels. We have an interview coming up with Alex in which he'll explain in much greater detail the thoughts and ideas behind the band and it's mission.

Lapsus seemed to come from out of nowhere, landing in March of this year and to this day I regret not putting it into my top five of the year so far. Oh hindsight, you are a wonderful thing. Kicking off with "Beyond The Infinite" the album is introduced in muted tones. Gently struck keys soon burst into life accompanied by a pounding drum and electronic samples. The music on this record being hard to define such is the range experienced. Beautiful strings accentuate the introductory piece, really bringing to the fore that this band are trying to do something new and interesting. At it's heart, and at a push, this would be described as a kind of post-hardcore sound yet Light Bearer encompass other genres within their palette. Post-rock beauty, ambient soundscapes maybe even a little bit of drone and of course a stunning melodic element.

First track proper "Primum Movens" is a fourteen minute monster. Swaying and swooping in as many directions as feasibly possible in one song. Gorgeous drum beats, stunning keys and a tortured vocal combine to encapsulate the story of Lucifer - the titular Light Bearer - in one sublime movement. The music taking on the twists and turns of the narrative and telling the myth just as well as the lyrics themselves. "Armoury Choir" features one of those moments I talked about earlier on. Around the ten minute mark everything becomes quiet, almost still. The drum is the most prominent instrument along with a softly strummed guitar. Picking up extra elements along the way as this section progresses you begin to feel completely lost in the atmosphere until roughly two minutes later the vocal breaks through and shatters the air. It's breathtaking - the closing riff undulating and weaving for nigh on two minutes.

After a short drone drenched interlude, "The Metatron," we come to "Prelapsus." Reverb heavy and vocally led this is a prelude to the title track. Thumping drums underpin the initial few minutes along with a vocal so intense in it's delivery you worry for your hearing. A soft break near the three minute mark leads you into what I can only describe as the most glorious moment on record I've come across this year. The swelling guitars and crashing cymbals combining with the screams to bring a huge power to the track. And then, a sublime clean vocal. It's a beautiful moment, genuinely uplifting and captivating yet full of despair.

A huge bass line leads into "Lapsus," the final track on the album. Shot through with a quiet electronic undercurrent the band showcase their willingness to incorporate different styles into their musical spectrum. The closing minutes of the song feature an astounding string section. This track depicts the fall of Lucifer from heaven, and the music is serenely fitting. There's an anger here, but also an acceptance. The story of the Light Bearer will continue in the next piece Silver Tongue. There are many tales to tell - and I cannot wait.

9.0 / 10Cheryl
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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