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The Lippies

Pop 'n' Lockdown EP

I have to admit that I’ve heard a few songs by The Lippies in the past, but never sat down with their 2016 debut and absorbed it in any sense. This EP is kind of my introduction beyond a passing song here and there. And I enjoy it, though I doubt it’s the best first taste of the band given how it came together.

Originally the song “On Your Mind” was written for a compilation of songs about Trump. The comp never panned out, and The Lippies had a song they were proud of and no immediate outlet. Given the topical nature (pre-election and whatnot), the band decided on a 7-inch.

There are only three songs here, but “On Your Mind” is definitely the big one to me. It kicks off with a powerful hook with some street punk vibes, segues into a cheer of “F-U C-K T-R U-M-P, Hey!,” and then shifts gears again into more of a fluid pop-punk melody that cuts through the man’s deceptive facade and shows the pile of goo at its gore, asking “Who knew 6’3” could be so small?” It builds him up -- as he builds himself up -- then it tears him down. It mixes social commentary with humor. That’s all good on its own, but it’s also a winning melody that transcends the lyrics, which will give the song lasting power after we’ve (hopefully) forgotten about 45.

Curiously, b-side “Get Out Of Bed” is about being stuck in the house and losing momentum -- but it was written prior to the 2020 pandemic. It’s a slice of lo-fi acoustic punk. Again, the melodies are the winning formula and noting this songwriting strength I’m definitely curious to dig into the band’s back catalog. “I’m A Reactor” closes it out with some serious pipes on display that remind me a bit of Tilt in how it balances power with pure emotion. As the title implies, this song feels like it’s brimming with rage, just ready to explode.

As a teaser, Pop ‘n’ Lockdown hits hard, offering a range of emotion and variety over three songs that are still easily classified under the punk umbrella. It feels a little too short and disjointed to be a really strong EP, but if you consider it a single with two b-sides it’s a rager.

7.5 / 10Loren
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7.5 / 10

7.5 / 10

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