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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
The Falcon - Unicornography album cover

The Falcon

Unicornography, 2006

8.3 / 10

The Falcon is here, so ready your crusty, unpolished, dull silverware and let a knife sink through the skin of the first layer of Unicornography, "The Angry Cry of the ...

Nothington - Borrowed Time album cover


Borrowed Time, 2011

7.7 / 10

I’ll be honest, I missed Roads Bridges & Ruins, even after guitarist Chris Matulich said it would be quite a transition from All In. While I liked All In, for ...

The Sidekicks - Awkward Breeds album cover

The Sidekicks

Awkward Breeds, 2012

9.5 / 10

Cleveland, Ohio's The Sidekicks have always had it in them to make a record like this. It’s their most polished, mature, and best to date. There is not one bad ...

Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds - I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever album cover

Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds

I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever, 2012

7.5 / 10

I’ve never thought of Brendan Kelly as much of a singer. Sure, I’ve followed his career—hell, Slapstick played at the first real DIY show I ever saw—but he’s always been ...

Various Artists - Dan Andriano/Brendan Kelly - European Vacation album cover

Various Artists

Dan Andriano/Brendan Kelly - European Vacation, 2012

8.0 / 10

To coincide with their romp across Europe, the split 7” from Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds and Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room, European Vacation, doesn’t cover much ground, ...

Elway - Hence My Optimism album cover


Hence My Optimism, 2012

7.0 / 10

Following a name change from the audibly slick 10-4 Eleanor and absurd legal debacles with John Elway of the Denver Broncos comes the follow-up EP from the Colorado 4-piece’s Red ...

Elway - Leavetaking album cover


Leavetaking, 2013

7.4 / 10

Listening to Elway’s debut Delusions there was a lot of promise. It’s a solid record, nice songwriting, big hooks and memorable choruses. It’s modern Midwestern punk but with a greater ear toward ...

Derek Grant - Breakdown album cover

Derek Grant

Breakdown, 2015

7.0 / 10

Chances are, most listeners have would heard everything on Derek Grant’s 2015 solo album Breakdown before - it seems to imitate everything from the driving road music of Jackson Browne ...

The Falcon - Gather Up the Chaps album cover

The Falcon

Gather Up the Chaps, 2016

9.0 / 10

The Falcon are a curious band: a collection of rogue Chicagoans (now with Dave Hause as well), lead vocalist Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms) seems to get the most attention ...

Arms Aloft - What a Time to Be Barely Alive album cover

Arms Aloft

What a Time to Be Barely Alive, 2016

8.0 / 10

Midtempo punk sounds like such a boring idea.And sometimes it really is.But when it works, it’s hard to top. The chords are still powerful and concise, the frustration and fury ...

Good Friend - Ride The Storm album cover

Good Friend

Ride The Storm, 2016

7.6 / 10

I’m a fan of a select little niche of pop punk. The cleaner the voices, the more I tend to dislike it or just not connect. However, Red Scare Industries ...

MakeWar - Developing A Theory of Integrity album cover


Developing A Theory of Integrity, 2016

7.4 / 10

One of the reasons I gravitate toward the pop-end of the punk spectrum is because it lacks pretention. The structures are straightforward and honest, often predictable to such a fault ...

Nothington - In the End album cover


In the End, 2017

7.5 / 10

Few things are stable in this topsy-turvy world. One constant has been Nothington. With the release of In the End, the San Francisco band’s fifth full-length, they’ve continued down the ...

Elway - For the Sake of the Bit album cover


For the Sake of the Bit, 2018

7.5 / 10

Elway kick off their latest with “Inches,” a middle finger at those of us listening to and writing about their music. So, well, I’m not the type to throw fuel ...

The Brokedowns - Sick of Space album cover

The Brokedowns

Sick of Space, 2018

8.7 / 10

When I stop and look at the discogs, The Brokedowns have been doing what they do for a long time now. What is that, exactly? Well, it’s Midwestern punk that’s ...

Red City Radio - SkyTigers EP album cover

Red City Radio

SkyTigers EP, 2018

7.0 / 10

Today’s story about wrong first impressions will be about Red City Radio, a some-kind-of-hyphen-punk band from OKC. I’ll admit I’m already behind on first listening to the band just last ...

Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds - Keep Walkin’ Pal album cover

Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds

Keep Walkin’ Pal, 2018

7.1 / 10

Does the world really need a ska-tinged surf song about waterboarding? How you answer that question will probably answer how you feel about this record as a whole. Not that ...

Billy Liar - Some Legacy album cover

Billy Liar

Some Legacy, 2019

7.3 / 10

I don’t know much about Billy Liar, but Red Scare has rarely turned out a bad release so I picked Some Legacy out of the pile with some hope -- and it ...

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