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This one didn't immediately catch me like The Rains did. After maybe a half dozen listens, I think I'm starting to get it. I guess my main complaint is that some of the songs sound too similar to each other, but that starts to fade on closer examination. Oh well, first impressions are key often times. I'm also bummed that the lyrics haven't captivated me as much as the first record. I hate to say something like this about an artist's work, but the lyrics seem a bit forced. The lyrics on the first record seemed more like a hemmoraging gash acquired in an assault. This record's lyrics seem more like the oozing, yet mild, self-inflicted scratches on the arms of an overweight teenager with a serious yen for Kurt Cobain. Maybe I'm just being overly dramatic, or not paying close enough attention, but I'm not hanging onto Wes Eisold's every word this time around. And that totally sucks, because I usually love everything he writes.

My favorite track is definitely the opener "Some Girls Have All the Fuck". It's catchy and chaotic. At times, while listening to it, I want to pretend like I'm hanging ten on one of those big old wooden Hawaiian surf boards. I don't know why, but no other record has ever made me feel like that before, so it must be kinda cool.

"Aligula" is also another immediate standout track. It makes me want to play basketball. Bounce bounce.

Should you buy it? I dunno. I think the first EP is classic, whereas, while this EP could probably grow on most people who like this sort of thing, it is merely nice to have. Check out "Aligula" on the Deathwish Records site, it'll provide a pretty fair measure by which you can judge the necessity of this record. For me, it's like tether-ball, takes a while to get going, but the more you spin it the more you get wrapped up in it, or something like that. What the fuck...

5.5 / 10Alex C.
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5.5 / 10

5.5 / 10

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