Some Girls
Heaven's Pregnant Teens

Epitaph (2006) Bob

Some Girls – Heaven's Pregnant Teens cover artwork
Some Girls – Heaven's Pregnant Teens — Epitaph, 2006

Some Girls is an enigmatic conglomerate of musicians that produce incredibly grating and challenging pieces of music. Considering the pedigree of this band, expectations for its output have consistently run high. Seriously, what would a listener expect from a band comprised of members of Unbroken, Swing Kids, The Locust, American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost), and more? Most would probably imagine the most raging hardcore act this side of Project X. Some Girls continually smashes anyone's expectations and plays some of the raunchiest, chaotic music around right now. It would not be a left field type of comparison to liken them to what The Stooges did in their heyday. After three EP's - The Rains, The Blues, and The DNA Will Have Its Say -and one LP - My Friends Are Going Death - that collects the first two EP's, the band undertakes its first proper full-length for the über record label of punk rock, Epitaph.

Heaven's Pregnant Teens sounds like bodies crashing into each other in the night. Rhythmically gyrating songs and howling vocals that indict most of the modern day social institutions in one way or another pepper the album in its short run time. The opening track, "Beautiful Rune" typifies this vicious sound with a mood not unlike a soundtrack to backseat fumbling at the drive in. "Dead in a Web", one of the official pre-release MP3's, has a great bit in the song where the vocal sound is driven in a powerful way by the rhythm section. "You'll Be Happier with Lower Standards" contains a nice slowed down tempo part that really lays down a groove. "Ex Nuns / Dead Dogs" is positively raunchy sounding. "Marry Mortuary" is absolutely hypnotic. It could pass as a freaked out club song given the right place. "Religion II" is downright the best song on the album. It is a cover of a Public Image LTD song off of their First Issue album. It works extremely well for Some Girls and it makes sense that they would cover PIL, as that band was a noisy mess (in a good way) as well.

Heaven's Pregnant Teens is the most cohesive record that Some Girls has done so far, although it is their only proper full-length. It is awfully repetitious but has a bunch of great parts in the songs. They are definitely getting closer to doing something that could be considered all their own. The music is both hypnotic and noisy. Regardless of what anyone's expectations of this record were, it stands on its own very well.

7.5 / 10Bob • February 5, 2006

Some Girls – Heaven's Pregnant Teens cover artwork
Some Girls – Heaven's Pregnant Teens — Epitaph, 2006

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