Some Girls
The DNA Will Have Its Say

Three One G (2005) Zed

Some Girls – The DNA Will Have Its Say cover artwork
Some Girls – The DNA Will Have Its Say — Three One G, 2005

By now you know who's in Some Girls. The cred they've garnered through their previous bands at this point doesn't mean shit if the songs suck. Luckily for Some Girls, they don't suck. With each release they have gotten progressively weirder. The Rains was a grungy thrash EP. The Blues was similar to The Rains but offered a glimpse in the direction they were heading with the less straight forward sound. Now with The DNA Will Have Its Say, Some Girls have achieved the level of originality that their previous bands were able to reach. The only thing that has stayed consistent is their distorted sloppy sound and amazing lyrics. The DNA Will Have Its Say is essentially punk/thrash played through coke lined nostrils.

If you've ever gone into the ocean you've probably been knocked down by wave. You try to launch yourself off the sandy floor, but the wave's pressure keeps you down. There's no stop for those seconds that seem like minutes. Some Girls goes for the same approach, an unrelenting burst of pressure through fast punk tempos and driving guitar/bass chords. Although the average song length is about a minute, live they draw out "Hot Air Balloons a few more minutes for an almost droning feel. Having this drawn out ending on the recording would've given the album a more dynamic feel instead of a never-ending car crash.

While the majority of vocals are done by Wes Eisold, bassist Justin Pearson and Karen O spotlight some of their annoying snarls. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have never been my "thing," and hearing hear bratty cat impersonations is reminiscent of driving a guitar pick up my pee hole. No thanks. On each release Eisold's voice seems to get even screechier and dry, with The DNA Will Have Its Say displaying vocals that sound the least like that of American Nightmare. In American Nightmare Eisold penned lyrics of poetic heart break. With Some Girls there is much more word play evident and that of not caring. In the song "Me & My Blasphemy", we find Eisold "singing" lines like this: "Come apart at the seams / Come part the seas / Come party with me in a deathbed left for dead / You don't think about the future when you are this fucked in the head." This snippet sums up the feeling left by Eisold in the lyrical department.

If Some Girls bored you before, you may want to give them a second chance as this time around you can expect an original sound that many sought for when The Rains was first released. And for Some Girls upcoming full-length on Epitaph, it's likely the band will stick with the sound found on The DNA Will Have Its Say.

7.6 / 10Zed • August 8, 2005

Some Girls – The DNA Will Have Its Say cover artwork
Some Girls – The DNA Will Have Its Say — Three One G, 2005

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