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Now, I can't claim to know much about this band. I don't know what they are ex-members of or where they're from, but I do know this... this record bored me to no end.

It kicks off kind of promising, actually. The opening track, "Heart Attack American", starts off with hushed guitar and drums, and then just explodes into a rock n' roll shout fest. This gets old really, really fast. I guess they're trying to be a rock n' roll infused hardcore band, and I really can't argue with that. It's just that they seem to limit themselves within the bounds of said genre. It all just sounds too calculated and polished up. I mean, the total lack of substance has me scratching my head trying to think of things to say about it.

The rest of the songs sound pretty much like the first, shoving a forced rock n' roll aesthetic down your throat with annoying, shouted choruses.

I think that the only good things I can say about this record are that, 1) the cover is cool looking, and 2) I'm sure it would make good background music for some Hummer commercials.

I guess if you really dig stuff like the new Tora! Tora! Torrance! record or Kill Your Idols, this might be something you could enjoy, but I highly doubt you'll enjoy it for long.

2.6 / 10Dan
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2.6 / 10

2.6 / 10

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