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ESC Life / Remedy - split EP

This is a sweet and short three track 7’’ released by two befriended bands. This EP had me interested when I saw ESC Life was on it. I was looking forward to hearing more from these friendly Croatians after their excellent album Access All Areas from 2015. It was about time I got to hear something new from them! And the one track they delivered for this EP is not enough. Gimme more! Access All Areas was pure Hüsker Dü worship. Not too strange that the band toured Europe as Grant Hart's support band then, huh? It’s kind of strange thinking this EP was released so short after Grant Hart's death. It feels a bit as a tribute, I guess… But I divert, let's get back to “Fill The Void”, the song I’m trying to discuss. It’s almost what you would expect if you’ve heard Access All Areas, but then, two and a half minute into the song ESC Life suddenly shifts into pure Thin Lizzy mode. A nice surprise if you ask me. The twin guitars make me play air guitar like crazy. Oh boy, I do love my old rock… This is one hell of a song that leaves me more hungry for new material than I had earlier. Bring it on!

On to Remedy. Remedy is an Austrian band and are the band on this split that’s new to me. They have two releases under their belt already. These two songs are my introduction to this band. Based on these two tracks I am going to check those albums out for sure. Where ESC Life is heavily influenced by Hüsker Dü, Remedy is mainly looking for Dinosaur Jr. for inspiration, but is also including some 80’s sounding electro influences on second song “Steambath”. 

Both bands are heavily inspired by indie rock of the past and translate it to the present successfully. A big thumbs up to both bands for also finding a production that makes them truly shine. Both bands have a production that is clear, but strong. Every instrument is clearly audible without sounding messy or too pumped up. This EP is nice entry into getting to know two bands that you should pay attention to if the above mentioned bands mean anything to you. The year is not over yet, but this might just be the split of the year for me!

9.0 / 10Dennis
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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