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Sin Bad / Bad Wig - Split EP

Sometimes I am just a lazy slouch. This review is not just a bit late, it is almost a year overdue. When I make a promise, I make it with the intention of keeping it. This is one of those examples. Luckily for me I never promised when I would review this EP, so I don’t feel to bad about it.

Enough about that, on with this split. Sin Bad has the honour to kick of the EP and they do so in an upbeat manner. “Tremors” is a fun little ditty. It is also their best track on this split and thus the prime example of their style of poppy and punky indy rock. It is straight forward and uncomplicated. It also plays their trump card: Audreys voice. If you know me a bit you might have figured out I have a preference for female voices. Audrey has a very good and pleasant voice. On second track she is nowhere to be found. The guy taking the mic on this sung unfortunately does not have a very pleasant voice in my opinion. He sounds a bit whiny. His voice would fit better on a band like House Boat, but even there he would fall short. I would suggest the band to take his mic away and let Audrey do the singing.

I’ve listened to this EP around twenty times on my phone. I went to the promos folder I have there and pushed play. It was only until I started writing this review I discovered the Bad Sin was actually called Bad Wig. My bad… Bad Wig take a slightly different route to success. They opt for a more Dinosaur Jr inspired route. To me this is a tough nut to crack. It is not terrible, but it is a bit forgettable. These songs lack the hooks to stick around. It is a carbon copy of not very inspired Dinosaur Jr. Am I a bit harsh? Perhaps I am, but I am sure these guys can do a lot better if they try.

On this EP I like Sin Bad best, but unfortunately I am not very impressed by both bands. Better luck next time?

6.0 / 10Dennis
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6.0 / 10

6.0 / 10

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