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It seems like Worriers nailed down their sound on day one, when they rose from the ashes of The Measure S.A.. The Lauren Denitzio-fronted group plays a melodic and quirky style of indie-poppish-punk. On Survival Pop, that sound takes a stronger pop turn, with ear-pleasing hooks paired to politically-charged and empowering lyricism. In many ways, this record is a call of solidarity for those trying to find their voice, something akin to Transgender Dysphoria Blues .

Worriers has their own clear identity throughout, from sing-along “The Possibility” to standout “Future Me,” always looking forward and sharing positive vibes amid personal turmoil. Survival Pop rings with shades of Against Me! more than once on this album, though, as mentioned earlier. “Not Your Type” reminds me of “Paralytic States,” (off Transgender Dysphoria Blues) and the emphatic beat and enunciation in “WTF Is Sleep,” is reminiscent of Laura Jane Grace’s songwriting as well. A major difference between the bands is in aggression, though. Where Against Me! aims at confrontation and forceful beats, Worriers takes a melodic, figurative deep breath, contemplating the troubles of the world with an inward look.

But throwing comparisons into the wind really doesn’t describe the Worriers melodic touch. Denitzio’s presence has grown with each release in her musical career. Her lyrics come in full sentences with precise articulation and diction not typically used in a singsong set-up. There are harsh tonal moments that flow freely off her tongue with unique enunciation that sets Worriers apart from any comparable bands. Despite the verbiage, her delivery is soothing and calm, yet powerful. She’s expanded her range with full-on and flawless singing in tracks like “Gaslighter” and “Glutton (Reprise).” Throughout all twelve songs, there’s an overwhelmingly personal sense that reflects Denitzio’s voice on the microphone, but with an emphatic reach that connects listener to singer.

The lyrics are political, educated and smart. More important than all of that, they connect and they’re good. Worriers keeps growing, solidifying their sound, and getting better. Survival Pop is a call to action, a personal statement, and an artful arrangement of melodies all in one. The band has been racking up more critical praise with each release, and it’s well deserved.

9.0 / 10Loren
KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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9.0 / 10

9.0 / 10

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